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Allow Us To Help You Attract What You Desire With The Support Of Our Loving Spiritual Services, & Empower Yourself With Heartfelt, Honest Answers To Your Questions With A Deeply Caring Empathic Tarot or Angel Card Reading.

Whatever your situation, whatever the unique needs of your heart, the Loving Universe/Divine Higher Power is available to assist you with manifesting your heart’s desires.

And our caring spiritual services are here to support you with love.

I am an Empath Intuitive with over 25+ years experience.

I am also a:

Certified Life Coach, Love & Relationship Coach, & Self-Confidence Coach.

It Is Your Openness To Receive, That Opens All Doors For You. It Is Through The Love In Your Heart That All Doors Are Already Open For You. Are You Ready To Step Through To The Unlimited Joy, Success, High Vibrational Love, & Blessings Of Every Kind, That Await You?

Do You Have Any Idea How Much *Power* You Have *Within You* To Create All Of The *Joy-Filled Good* That You Desire To *Manifest In Your Reality*?

* Caring Empathic Intuitive Readings * Tarot Readings * Angel Card Readings *

How much better would you feel having what your heart desires? Are you open to receive it?

Make your heart’s desires come alive with our richly soul blessing, potently sweet divine love-powered spiritual services, imbued with the all-encompassing energy of divine sweetness.

Our services are designed with the heartfelt intention that you connect more deeply with your true creative power – that you know and feel the abundant joy of creating the desired circumstances that are uniquely special to you and your heart. Whatever your heart desires can be yours.

Request an empathic intuitive reading for insight, guidance and clarity about your situation, understand how your special someone really feels about you, what is upcoming for you in your life, and access the honest answers you seek so you can feel better and more hopeful moving forward in your situation.

Use our blessed spiritual services to help with love, reunion, money, good luck, beauty, happiness, peace, cleansing/purification, protection & more. Whatever your heart desires can be yours.

Our spiritual services are a combination of channeling pure Divine Love energy on behalf of focused intention (your desired outcome.) Ultimately everything you desire (and all infinite good) is already with you in spiritual truth, and it is through infusing focused intention with the utmost Love that you can most easily bring what you desire made manifest in your experience of reality. This is the foundational essence of the spiritual services that we offer, and on behalf of your heart’s desires whenever you enlist our loving spiritual support and caring spiritual assistance. Let our spiritual services transform your Life and bring you the desires of your heart through the potent magic of Divine Love.

“Magic and miracle come from the same root word.” Divine Love is filled with infinite magic and miracles, and it is a firm grounding in Divine Love that forms the foundation of our spiritual services.

Flower open to the magic of you…

“Magic” in itself is an expression of the infinite creativity within you—infinite possibility, it is the creative essence of Life, it involves Universal Principal and is thus benevolent in and of itself. It is possible for you to use your thoughts and intentions to create a positive influence in your life and in regard to that which you wish to create and experience in your life, and to consciously work with Benevolent Universal Principal in a way that is positive, loving, life-affirming, and intended for the highest good of all.

Now that you’re here, you are now remembering that you are already grounded in the stability and security of Divine Love. The light of Divine Love is shining through you now, from the inside. You are a stable beacon of Divine Love. The love that you are, is loving you now. The magic and miracles of Divine Love can pour through you into your life starting right now, if you let it… Welcome home!

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“Always Believe Something Wonderful Is About To Happen…”

However you may be feeling right now, you can begin feeling better right now in this very moment, because you have the power to create whatever you desire in your life.

Within every desire that you feel stirring within you, are the seeds of certainty for its fruition. Now is the time to take the cap off of how much good you will allow yourself to have, and to receive into your life, and to accept what is true in absolute spiritual truth: That you were born to create your own reality, to live your life to the highest good that you desire for yourself.

You are here to experience greater and greater levels of abundant good. You are here to experience the joy of remembering your true spiritual identity, and to experience all of the goodness that you desire in your life.

We are ready to help you now with our loving spiritual services. We are dedicated to assisting you with the acquisition of your heart’s desires, and in kindly assisting you with our heartfelt spiritual support.

You are now embarking upon a wonderful opportunity that holds the power help you open the door wide open to finally receiving your heart’s desires.

Did you know that the very presence of you is a natural blessing power, and that it can help you attract love, health, happiness, freedom, money, success, and whatever you want in life?

You can experience it for yourself…

What wonderful possibilities await you…? Are you ready?

On some level, you’ve just been settling for what the idea of fate may or may not bring you in life, when in actuality, you have the power to create more of the good things that you truly desire and long for in your life.

For that special something your heart longs for, the help you are searching for, you’ve just found it.

So reach out now and let us help you, and you will find a caring friend, a listening ear, an understanding heart, and someone who genuinely cares to help you get the positive results you’ve been hoping for, no matter how long you feel that what your heart longs for, has been eluding you. It can be good for you to know, that no matter how long you’ve been waiting, miracles and positive things can still happen for you, and in many cases, very quickly.

You won’t find false promises here, but what you will find, is a genuine helping hand, and the sincere, experienced guidance of someone who knows how to help you in a way that gives you the very best chance to attain your heart’s desires and finally get what you want.

So no matter what it is that your heart longs for, from love and relationships, money/prosperity/abundance, career advancement, spiritual healing, to other personal endeavors, our loving spiritual services work with the blessing energy of Divine Love, which is the highly creative, blessing substance of the Universe, in a way that can help bring you the good things that you desire.

“Romance is the life force of the Universe.”

In one way of looking at it, every time you receive a deeply desired wish of your heart, you are sharing a beautiful romance with the Universe via the joyous marriage you are sharing with the fulfillment of your desire. And, that which you desire, is sharing a beautiful romance with you…

By connecting with this romantic energy deeply enough, you are connecting with the life force energy of the Universe, and its infinite love for you, which is a richly potent creative power.

No matter what name you choose to call the One Loving Source of All Life—The Divine, The Higher Power, The Universe, Goddess, God—Its Love for you, is the most powerful creative force in your Life.

It is connected with all good, and everything good that you desire, already loves you infinitely.

The deep infinite heart of the Divine, loves you. Love, loves you. Romance, loves you. Abundance, prosperity, and even money, loves you. Good fortune, good luck, and joyous success, loves you. At the spiritual heart of it, everything that you love and feel a desire for in your heart, loves, adores, and desires unity with YOU, and has been awaiting timelessly for you to connect with it.

In essence, the magic of you is a higher understanding of Nature. It is an understanding of your relationship with your higher creative Self which is innately connected with the Higher Power and Its higher love for you. The assistance of infinite creativity is available to you always, whatever your situation, because you are an innate part of it.

You are here because your heart wants something.

The magic of life has so many blessings for you.

Receiving what you desire can often times be much easier than you may sometimes tend to think, as long as you are willing to let it in.

Are you?

Open yourself to the true reality:

Love-Saturated Infinite-Possibility.

Allow the good that you desire to begin awakening in front of you, as YOU begin awakening to this magical world that exists within you, all around you, that is ever-unfolding before you now, where whatever your heart desires, is also seeking you – Because you are really already One.

We believe that you have been intuitively guided here because it is time for you to finally receive all of the love, and all of the good, that you want and deserve!

What We Offer:

Empathic Intuitive Readings: Pure empathic intuitive readings – Love readings – Tarot readings – Angel card readings and other spiritual oracle card readings (I have collected around 300+ different Tarot, Angel, and Oracle decks.)

Purely Positive Spells: Completely pure, positive, ethical, and safe white magic spells imbued with the All-Loving, All-Powerful, All-Creative Energy, Power, and Presence of Divine Love. Purely Positive Spell Blessings for love, reunion, happiness, beauty, healing, abundance, prosperity, money, good luck, success, communication, cleansing/purification, protection, peace, goodness, and so much more.

Quantum Spiritual Love Blessings: Purify and cleanse your energy so that you can more naturally and easily consciously create and manifest the desires of your heart with joy-filled success, and more effortlessly attract/flower forth even more goodness and blessings into your life.

Divine Love Blessings: Receive a Loving Divine Blessing of Pure Positive Spiritual Source Energy to bless your life, and to bring in blessings into a particular area of your life (love and relationships, money/prosperity/abundance, career, and for peace, happiness, etc.) 

Whatever your situation, we are here to listen, with a heart of compassion and non-judgment, to what your heart needs to say, and it is our intention to help you in every way that we can with your situation.

Here you will find compassionate readings, as well as other caring spiritual services, all of which are in honor of holistic spiritual integrity. You can feel genuine peace of mind and assurance in knowing that our services are honest, ethically sound, grounded in the integrity of Divine Love, and completely confidential.

It is our belief, and intention, that our loving spiritual services offer you a significant opportunity for the conscious creation of your heart’s desires. Through our sincere heartfelt services, we are lovingly cultivating and holding the space with trust in Higher Divine Goodness that your desired outcomes joyously spring to life for you. We are on your side, lovingly part of your spiritual care team. We are here for you.

You can rest assured with a sense of authentic peace, knowing that our services are offered from a place securely grounded in Divine Love, and are thus, completely safe. Our high-vibrational spiritual heart-based services are offered to you, for the highest, holistic good, for you, and for all, and are thus ethically sound.

The Magic of Love:

Love, is a beautiful and magnetic energy. The magic of love and the use of conscious creation can be a beautiful experience when approached with a virtuous heart and noble intentions! The sweet magic of Divine Love can bring abundant beauty, fullness and richness in love and relationships. This higher, truest love beholds great potential for bringing genuine happiness, a deeper sweetness in love, and is known for ushering in a gorgeous shower of blessings into your life and relationships.

Love’s magic is a potent expression of love, a conscious loving intention is potent expression of love, and through this loving expression, doors to greater levels of love can be opened in your life and relationships. Many beautiful experiences can happen whenever you open yourself to Love’s sweet magic. The magic of love can be a deeply, and divinely enriching experience!

Love’s sweetness and blessings have been searching for you. Open your heart now, and let it flow in!

Conscious loving intentions of this potency and pureness of heart are also known for greatly assisting with uniting and reuniting in love relationships, and bringing in a bountiful blossoming of blessings in all areas of life. So turning to the assistance of spiritual solutions, beholds great potential for bringing about helpful solutions, bringing people closer together, and for healing and repair in a relationship, and for ushering in blessings in other endeavors as well.

Our loving spiritual services are unique, filled with sweetness, and extremely potent with the richness of Love’s blessings. We look forward to assisting you with your situation, and we look forward to you sharing with us your success story as a result of enlisting the assistance of our deeply caring Divine Heart-Based Spiritual Services, expressed from the heart with loveExplore the spiritual services we have to offer, so we can get started helping with your situation as well.

Conscious Creation:

The unconditional assistance of the Loving Higher Power, is always available to you. Regardless of your race, heritage, gender, sexual preferences, religion and so on. Divine, unconditional love does not discriminate. The Universe does not discriminate. It is the nature of Universe, and Life, to respond to your thoughts, feelings, desires, and intentions, by reflection. It is your own thoughts and beliefs that create the “filter” for how much or how little you allow yourself to receive of what you desire. It is your own “stance” that determines how much or how little you allow yourself to receive love, to receive what you desire, to receive assistance from others, and to receive the assistance of the Higher Power.

Open yourself to receive the love that you already infinitely are.

Open yourself to receive the healing light of love and feel the sparkling magic that resides within your very cells.

Open your eyes and your heart to the spiritual truth of who you really are.

The happiness, love and goodness that you desire, are ALL POSSIBLE FOR YOU!

“When you open your heart, light shines in and enters your heart from the inside.” ~Original Author Unknown

“The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be touched. They must be felt with the heart.” ~Helen Keller

The more open and willing that you are to receive what you desire, and to receive the assistance of the Higher Power to help bring it to you now, the faster it can tend to show up for you. And… in this way, you can create what you desire consciously, with greater awareness.

Whatever the details of your situation, no matter the past, start anew from the present Now moment.

“The only way the past can drag you back is if you choose to bring it with you into the present.” ~Marianne Williamson

“All you need is now.”

You were intuitively guided here for a reason. We look forward to assisting you in your creative journey, and it is our intention that you feel beautifully blessed as a result of our services.

Now is your chance to create your own magical portal, and step through to a happier you.

What is required on your part in the creative process?:

Every consciously creative endeavor should begin with two vital core elements:

1.) Reverence.

2.) Optimism.

Reverence, utmost respect, and appreciation to the All-Loving Higher Power, should be at the foundation of any request for help that you are making. This is not only noble and right, it also considerably strengthens your position of power in getting what you desire. A humble heart beholds great power.

Optimism is belief in good faith, it is confidence imbued with love, gratitude, and appreciation that is given in advance for the wonderful positive results you are deciding to welcome into your life. Optimism is openness to the positive possibilities that can be. Whenever you open to the positive infinite possibilities that can be for you, feeling optimism is the natural result.

It is also important to also realize that sometimes whenever you may feel that optimism and faith are so far from you, that the road to renewed optimism and genuine faith, is absolute emotional AUTHENTICITY with yourself. What this means, is that you cannot force faith, you cannot force optimism, you cannot force yourself to, “think positive.”

The road to greater levels of faith, trust, optimism, and greater ease with positive thinking that happens more naturally for you, is through complete authenticity with however you ACTUALLY FEEL in this moment.

So if what you actually feel is less than cheerful, less than hopeful, less than optimistic, then the road forward is to be lovingly honestly with yourself and genuinely allow yourself to feel what you organically feel in this moment.

Your absolute emotional authenticity is what connects you with the Higher Power, with the essence of the true magic of you – your most Authentic Higher Spiritual Self, and, as a result, with your personal power that has been imbued with the All-Loving Creative Power of the Divine, to create your desired circumstances. Then, it can all flow more easily from there.

There is great power in authenticity, so even if what you are actually feeling is not in resonance with the good feelings that resonate with what you desire, you must first acknowledge your true organic feelings in this moment, even if they are the opposite of what some may tell you they should be.

Faith and optimism tend to flow more easily for you, whenever you are lovingly honest with yourself about your actual authentic feelings, whatever they may be.

If you find yourself in a place of doubt, lacking faith, turn yourself toward sincere reverence for the All-Loving Higher Divine Goodness of Life, and it can lead you back on your path to a place of renewed faith, and to the kind of authentic openness, the potent receptivity, that can significantly increase your magnetism, powerfully attracting the good that you desire.

Once you’ve embraced reverence and optimism, and “true reverence” IS BASED FROM emotional “authenticity,” you can now move forward with setting your clear intentions about your heart’s desired outcome, with softened openness to receiving that which you desire, allowing the process of its “unfoldment,” while continuing to consciously operate in harmony with your desired manifestation—You are in a very strong position to receive your heart’s desires. Great work!

Receiving what you desire truly can be incredibly EASY for you, and relieving in its potent simplicity.

Welcome aboard!

Your flowering of the unique magic that you are, awaits you…

We have had thousands of happy clients over the years, and our loving spiritual services have helped many of our clients just as you, to experience very happy results with love, money, career, good luck, reunions, and other desired successes.

Send your order through to us now. We would love for you to become our next happy client.

Don’t wait to feel better. The door to happiness is always available to you. Open the door now and walk through to a happier life…

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~DivineLoveLight – Where love spells magic.

Thank You & Blessings!