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Understanding White Magic

Wholeness is the key that opens the door of YOU as the Universe.

In essence, magic itself, is synonymous with the creative energy of the Universe that flows through all existence. It is the spiritual substance that “flows” all of Life and existence together into an interwoven tapestry of holistic interconnectedness. In its essence, a magickal endeavor, or “spell,” is a marriage of the creativity within you in harmony with a desire and intention to co-create in partnership with the Divine, a desired experience.

Often many will associate the term “white,” in “white magic,” or “white magic spells,” as a way to clarify that the creative intent and the approach involved in a consciously creative endeavor, prayer, or “spell,” is of a purely positive nature, that it is intended for holistic good, for the purpose of healing and harmonious balance. In addition, the use of the word “white” in magic and spells, can also be used to clarify that no aspect of the process, the creative intent or the approach, involve a fragmentation from the Light of Divine Love’s Wholeness.

The creative intent, and the approach for setting forth to accomplish a desired experience, remain in holistic partnership with the Divine (which is creative energy that remains as One with the Higher Holistic Love of the Universe.) The Feminine and Masculine elements of your Being are joined together in a loving embrace as the Divine, intertwined within your core. You are living AS the Divine Marriage.

This balanced partnership of the Masculine and Feminine within you, reflect in the balance of your masculine energy (i.e., the effort you put forth on behalf of a desired outcome) and your feminine energy (i.e., your willingness for, “allowing,” and for allowing spaciousness and flow, which involves an openness to receive.) Finding the proper blend of the two polarities within can assist in sustaining the state of balance that is the Divine.

As human beings, sometimes there may be a tendency to try to approach it all alone, the egoic-level self in a place of feeling separation from the Whole, may struggle to create what it desires, forgetting it’s unity with it’s own spirituality–it’s interconnectedness in loving unity with All Life. This condition of the egoic-level self in fragmentation from it’s Divine Spirit, may hold potential to lead to what we may refer to as controlling or manipulative intent or approaches in conscious creation or magic. Where the egoic-level self may involve it’s self within a struggle or intent for worldly, or external power that is fragmented from holistic, internal spiritual power that is based from the egoic-level/separate individualized self, joining together in a loving relationship of unity with it’s true spiritual being that is interconnected with All Life.

An attempt for external power, or an attempt for power or control from the outside-in, can feel like a tightness, or “constriction,” it can feel like disconnection from interconnectedness within, and living from outside of oneself or from the outside-in, rather than from the inside-out, from a place of internal power that is based in spirituality (interconnectedness with all existence in love.) Living from the inside-out in harmonious interconnection with All Life, can feel like an expansive freedom through love-filled openness.

Many spiritual teachings have taught or implied that the ego is negative, although the egoic-level self actually does serve a very positive, and vital purpose. There is a paradox in that we can experience ourselves as the Divine, as the Oneness of All That Is, as an individual… In very simplistic terms, the ego is one’s idea of oneself. It is a self-identity, what one thinks one is. It is an individual “point” of awareness, and thus a prerequisite for recognizing oneself as One with the Divine and interconnected in loving unity with the All That Is. The ego offers you a personal point of awareness to even experience yourself as the singularity of the Universe. So in this, the egoic-level self beholds a gift of great blessing for you.

It is when the egoic-level self becomes very fragmented, especially in terms of extreme levels of fragmentation, that this state of imbalance can involve disconnection from internal spiritual power which involves a unification through love with All That Is, in lieu of a sense of external, worldly, or outer power, where the opposite of love and the opposite of regard for well-being can occur. This in essence, is one’s masculine energy in overdrive. It is an over-masculinized approach, where the masculine energy drive to have a desire fulfilled becomes fragmented from the Feminine element which allows room for breathing and allowing things to flow. When the desire and intent of masculine energy are aligned with the expansion and flow of the energy of the feminine, this balancing of energies unifies the Masculine and Feminine together as the Divine within you, and begins sparkling your desire to life, the loving unity of the Masculine and Feminine within you, recognizing one another, as each other, as the One Divine, this marriage begins the gestation and birthing process of your desired intention.

There is no intent, or need for trying to force something desired to happen or in taking a controlling or manipulative approach, when in this state of balanced masculine and feminine energies. From this state of Divine Balance, your approach involves a direct connection with internal spiritual power, that which unifies you in loving unity with All Existence. You aren’t in a position of feeling the kind of powerlessness due to fragmentation from inner power that would lead to a drive for desiring to force something to happen, because you are One with your inner power of Spirit. Your Wholeness flows the spiritual power of holistic Divine Love to you from the inside. Your egoic-level self, masculine element, no longer an over-antonymous and sometimes over-analytical, loner from Spirit, is now deeply and blissfully in love with his female counterpart, the Divine Feminine that is the loving, all-inclusive unity of Spirit itself.

Intending is a vibration of the masculine energy within you. Allowing, and being open to receive without trying to do it all on your own from an egoic standpoint, is a vibration of the feminine energy within you. Blending the two in harmonious balance, beholds the key to unlock the door to your desired manifestations, while keeping you in balance and in harmony with the light of Divine Love’s wholeness which forms your inner core.

There can be an irony in that even some who follow a spiritual path of honoring the Earth or the Feminine principal of the Universe, may sometimes still be stuck in a stance of over-masculinization that is not allowing integration of the energy of the Feminine into one’s day-to-day, moment-by-moment life. Meaning to be stuck in a mode of operating that involves too much thinking/analyzing/trying to figure out how to make something happen (masculine energy) that is not balanced with enough of just simply “being” and “allowing” desires into their fruition (feminine energy.) This can look like struggling to make something happen, trying too hard, perhaps recognizing a sense of honor for the Feminine, in concept, but experientially, having yet to integrate the Feminine principals of being, of allowing, of opening to receive with a sense of the “all is well-ness” of this moment, into one’s way of operating in the Now moment.

Masculine energy can provide grounding and structure, feminine energy can provide spacious wisdom and “flow,” both are important. Although as humans, sometimes there is a tendency to become so immersed in the masculine energy of “doing,” a drive for productivity, to make something happen, to over-think things, or to simply live largely in the realms of intellectualization, to the extent that the Spirit of the heart (the Feminine,) may often be overlooked. Where the beauty and power of simply “being,” becomes overshadowed by all of the energy of activity, by all of the energy of “doing.”

Structure (masculine energy) without flow (feminine energy) can become too heavy and stifling. Flow (feminine energy) without structure and grounding (masculine energy) can create a state of ungroundedness and unhealthy enmeshment. Having a healthy balance of both grounding structure, and spacious flow, is important. Through the inner spaciousness of the body, you are connected to the Spirit of the natural world. Many spiritual teachers have devalued the precious gifts that the physical body can offer. The ability for thought has an important role. Although if one becomes too immersed in thought (the masculine polarity) to the point that a sense of “being” (the feminine polarity) is disconnected from or overshadowed, then no matter how “grand” the thought, no matter how great it’s potential, one still can become so lost in the ether that the dream of one’s desire does not become grounded on the level of practicality in the natural world.

This is why even some potentially good spiritual truths may be devalued as being, “airy fairy” concepts, because a person speaking of such spiritual concepts may be so ungrounded in their own physical bodies, in the natural world, in the Now moment, that it can appear as though they are lost in space somewhere, and may appear as though they are lacking credibility, thus receiving a response of disbelief from others.

Whenever one can begin learning to experience the infinite potential of the ether, from a standpoint that is securely grounded in, and connected with the natural world, in the moment of Now, it offers the potential to carry much greater substance, such as a strong anchor of grounding support from within, rather than a fluffy cloud that wisps away nearly as soon as it formed. Fluffy clouds can be beautiful in their own right, and have their place, but the seeds of your desires grow from the ground up, not upon a cloud in the sky somewhere without any solid, grounding structure to support them.

This is one reason why it is so important to truly be, “at cause” in each moment for the cultivation of your desires. By being “at cause,” for your desire, you are not only “thinking” your dream, or desire, but you are grounding it in the physical world, you are living it in the moment, by taking action in each moment as you are intuitively guided to do so. Following intuitive guidance (the feminine) to take appropriate action (utilizing masculine energy) on behalf of your desires, is yet another reflection of the Divine Marriage. It is another reflection of the grounding/manifestation of Spirit, and its gifts for you, into form.

If you remain on the level of thought, but do not take appropriate, intuitively-guided action as each moment unfolds, then your desire can feel left afloat in the ether, ungrounded, or in suspension, not yet becoming grounded in your sense of the physical world. And sometimes… that appropriate “action,” can actually be as simple as a decision to continue to “BE,” while knowing that your desired experience is gestating and thus “in the works” for it’s fruition–Choosing certainty that it is happening now.

Sometimes the ether, or the realm of infinite possibility, can feel so exciting and alluring that a person may feel tempted to live their lives on that level in an ungrounded way. They may feel that grounding oneself, or coming back down to Earth, may mean to feel disconnected from their desires, since they do not feel that their sense of physical reality reflects their desires in form as of yet. So they may choose to live in the realm of fantasy, but whenever you decide to transmute your desires to the level of groundedness, to the level at which your body is connected with the natural world, then you begin the process of your desired experiences bearing fruitfulness in your sense of physical reality.

It can be a paradox in that whenever you relax deeply into your physical being, feeling the supportive ground of your physical body as interconnected in Oneness with the natural Earth, you discover a direct experience of your true spiritual essence. However you wish to reference it– God, the Feminine, the Divine, life energy, source energy, creativity, Spirit, the essence of magic, and so forth, by relaxing into your inner body, you discover the supportive ground of your Being, and your interconnectedness with All That Is. You discover your Wholeness, and your true spiritual power, not in something outside of you or external to you, not something in a concept floating in the air, in the ether, or on the level of mental intellectualization alone, but very much inside of your own internal realms–within the spaciousness of your inner body–the Feminine. And what’s more, the Grounded Feminine. Where the level of intellect and intuition meet as One, as the wisdom of the inner body. There is so much love here.

This brings to mind the phrase, “Love is Awake.”

Spiritual wisdom and spiritual support for your desired experiences, isn’t in some source outside of you that you must connect with externally… It already exists within the ground of your Being, within the inner space of your physical body. Relax into it, and find yourself.

The essence of white magic in regard to a spell, prayer or creative endeavor, involves an approach and intent that is grounded and centered from a place of Inner Wholeness. White magic when in regard to the topic of white magic love spells, does not seek or intend to control or manipulate, but is a matter of your personal relationship with the Divine, a matter of your personal relationship with your Creator, to assist you with the creation of your desires, whether you are doing so on your own, or enlisting the assistance of another in your endeavor.

White magic can also involve an honoring of the blessing energy of Wholeness, which may not even involve a request for assistance in a matter in all cases, but to express a prayer of gratitude, in celebration of the Divine Marriage–The Masculine and Feminine, the God and Goddess, however you may wish to address it– In loving embrace. The One Unity. A celebration of the Kingdom of Love. A Higher Love, a Spiritual Love. Divine Love.

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