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The Real Truth About Love Spells

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The use of white magic love spells and white magic practices to achieve your heart’s desires is a very safe way to create and cultivate good in your life and in the lives of others. The use of white magic offers you a bridge, a safe and grounded way to connect with and express your desires into the Universe.

True magick is all about connecting with the magical, sacred place inside your heart where the creative Spirit of the Divine (God/Goddess/Higher Power/Loving Source of All Life,) and your intention, exist together as one, and then expressing your heart’s desire into the Universe with intent that it return to you in its fruition.

Contrary to what some may believe about the topic of love spells, in itself, love spells are NOT manipulative. When love spells are cast from a place of genuine, heartfelt sincerity, and nobility of heart, they can be a POTENT expression of love that holds the potential to usher in abundant showers of sweet blessings into your life and relationships, bringing happiness, and great blessings to BOTH you, AND the person you are focused upon in your love spell.

The best love spells are always focused to bring MUTUAL value and happiness for both you AND the other person. You aren’t “controlling” or “manipulating” anyone or their free will by casting a love spell that mentions that person within it whenever you are taking the right approach.

White magic and spell-casting are a specific kind of grounded prayer. People often wish for someone in particular to “love” them, they even pray in their own way for a specific someone that they have their heart set on, to love them. Everyday people wish, pray, and even take manipulative approaches in everyday life that have nothing to do with the topic of magic or spells, in order to try to influence someone to love them.

But yet many of even those people, want to believe that when it comes to expressing one’s love via a love spell, that it is somehow unethical. However, you can rest assured that it is NOT unethical to cast a love spell of white magic, that is grounded in honest love, virtue of heart, and noble regard, for both yourself, the other person, and the desired relationship you’d like to have with that person. Whenever you cast a love spell the proper way, it is absolutely ethical.

And in truth, whenever you have a specific person as your focal point in a love spell, while they can feel positive shifts and be receptive to your intentions if you are open to allowing this to flow through you first, at the foundation of authentic spellwork such as this, at the deepest level of it, you are really working with the part of your own subconscious mind that this person represents…

The essence of a love spell, or any spell for that matter, at the core of it, it is about making it clear what you desire, expressing it in the spirit of All-Connective Love, and allowing yourself the emotional space to receive your desired good. There is zero manipulation in this.

Further, you have every right to ask and pray for the good that your heart longs for. And what you pray (or cast spells for) is no one’s business but your own. Authentic magick is about the loving and creative personal relationship that you share between your heart, and the heart of the Divine, bottom line. So let no naysayers come in between you and your loving, beautiful, potently creative relationship with the Divine, because in this space, indwells a rich and fertile field of infinite possibilities for the good that your heart desires.

Our white magic spells are designed and intended to assist you with the expression and cultivation of your heart’s desires. Whenever you turn to the assistance of our white magic services, you are enlisting our support as part of your “faith team.” This means that you are enlisting our assistance to send and express powerfully positive, highly creative, holy energy on your behalf, and on behalf of your heart’s desires, and to share in unified faith for your positive creative magickal endeavor.

Whether you are in need of a love attraction spell, lover return spell, romance spell or other love-themed spell such as for faithfulness, commitment, or marriage, we have a variety of beautifully and lovingly crafted unique white magic spells for love to help with your personal magickal needs.

Take a look through our love spells page, choose which spells you would like us to cast for you, and let us know! We’ll be in touch soon with kind regard to your heart’s desires.

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