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The Magnitude of Love’s Creative Power Within You

“You are Eternity, stepped into time.”

The intensity of the spiritual core beholds infinite strength. It beholds an omnipresent, omnipotent basis of immeasurable fortitude. It is the most profound strength in existence. It is the Source of All Life, it is God, it is… LOVE. Supreme Love of the Highest Love.

Divine Love, is born as an expression of Itself. A continual well-spring of infinite and eternal magnitude. Divine Love is eternal, and yet, continually reborn anew in each moment.

The solid basis of Love’s strength forms your spiritual core. You are Eternity, stepped into time. Your spiritual center, at Its deepest level, is the basis of all existence. Through your spiritual core, you are ONE and Living AS the One Spirit. You are a focal point of the Divine, you are a focal point of God, the Life Essence to express life through you.

From your spiritual core, you are highly creative. YOU, are the “doorway” to your own good. All good that seems to come TO you from the outside, externally, had to be first expressed THROUGH you internally, from the inside-out, in order to show up externally. Through your spiritual center, you are connected to eternity, to infinity, you are connected to an eternal treasure trove beholding an infinite supply of All Things GOOD.

From here, you can consciously choose to express the good of your choice. Since you are ETERNITY stepped into time, you know that any and all good that you desire, is already within you, since this eternal treasure trove of infinite good containing all the beautiful riches of Life, is already expressing Itself AS YOU.

The receptive spiritual core, the most natural and organic center-point of “you,” beholds an inexhaustible flow of blessings. Within your spiritual core is an endless, flowing stream of blessings that never tires. There is an Eternal Spring within you, that is your very spiritual nature.

Therefore, whenever you become Self-aware, aware of your Self as an expression of the infinite good, of the infinite riches of Life, you realize you are already One with everything you desire, because you are already one with God/The Higher Power/The Loving Creative Source of All Life. God is Love, and Love beholds all the beautiful riches of life, and YOU, are innately connected within your own heart with the omnipresent Presence of All Good.

Thus, in your true spiritual identity, you express and birth creations into your life all the time. So express abundant goodness in all areas of your life.

“Deep faith eliminates fear.”

Deep faith is a result of realizing your true spiritual nature, your true spiritual origins. Genuine faith is CREATIVE. Real faith is a creative act. Faith is TO CHOOSE. Deep faith, is deep CHOICE.

Some fear can be normal, depending upon the circumstances, or how it is responded to. But beyond that, fear is a deflection away from the active CHOOSING of the kind of LOVE that translates into the kind of FAITH where all of the good that you desire is possible.

Deep faith eliminates fear, because deep faith is the kind of active choosing that solidifies a decision that what you desire will be, and what’s more, that in the eternal treasure trove within you, that this good already exists. Therefore, through deep faith you are accessing what you desire through the choosing of Love, you are radiating love, you are radiating the good that you desire, and thus you are EXPRESSING the good that you desire, which is then very naturally mirrored back to you by external circumstances.

True, real faith isn’t just blind faith. It is an awareness that is based from anchoring yourself in God/The Higher Power’s eternal, infinite good within your spiritual core. Faith and optimism tend to show up more easily and naturally whenever you anchor yourself from within to the eternal, infinite good of the Loving Source of All Life. Faith isn’t just, “wanting to believe” or “wanting to trust.” True faith, is an active choice to create the good that you desire. Real faith, means that you are actively making a decision.

Fear tends to dissipate and shadows of doubt flee away in the presence of deep faith, because with deep faith in goodness, you have connected with the Source of All Good within your own spiritual core, within your heart, and It’s Light of loving warmth and infinite goodness shines through you, from within, as you are a unique vessel of Divine Love’s beautiful life expression.

You have direct inner, internal access within yourself, to all of the beautiful riches of life, because your heart is One with God’s heart, which is filled with infinite love, infinite goodness, and infinite blessings of eternal magnitude.

You are Eternity stepped into time. Infinite goodness, infinite riches, and infinite blessings can be directly accessed within your spiritual core.

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