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The Magic of Believing In Yourself

“Magic is believing in yourself, if you can do that, you can make anything happen.” ~Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

True magick, is believing in yourself, it is believing in the true nature of God as the omnipresent energy of supreme love that is filled with infinite possibilities, infinite goodness, and infinite blessings. Real magick is to know that you are a child of God, an expression of God, that you are One with God, and that the desires of your heart were placed there by God seeking to experience the fulfillment of those desires through you.

You can believe in God, or the Higher Power, conceptually, but you aren’t really believing in God experientially, in your heart, until you first believe in yourself, because it is through your relationship with yourself, that your true relationship with God is found.

You can’t experience God any other way but through yourself. Through your own heart. This is why Jesus, along with other spiritual teachers, placed so much emphasis and importance upon the heart, where it just so happens that, the magic of God is found. A world of infinite love, infinite beauty, infinite goodness, infinite possibility. The message to look within the heart… Coincidence? No–A very deliberate message.

Within your very own heart is where God and God’s beautiful magic is found. Even if it appears to be mirrored to you via an external source, it still requires your willingness to allow yourself, as an instrument of experience, to feel it, which points back to you. So within your heart is where God and God’s blessing magic is found. And expressing the infinite goodness of God by gardening your seeds of desire to their fruition, is what you could call, “magick.”

Everyday people hope, wish, pray, think about, and imagine themselves having what they desire, and, they INTEND to have it, to make it happen. There is no difference between this, and “using magick” or “casting a spell,” because the very fundamental PROCESS of praying for something and intending for it to happen is exactly, precisely the same. Praying and intending for a desire to happen, that “process,” some call it, “magick,” or, “casting a spell.” And everyone is doing this very same process of creation whether they would like to admit it or not. It’s only a matter of using different wordage, different labels for the same thing. Just some people tend to be uncomfortable with certain “words” or “labels” that are unfamiliar to them or that they may have misguided and misinformed ideas about.

No matter what “name” someone prays to, there is only One Loving Source of All Life, so as long as your desires are sincere and you wish the highest good for all within your prayers and intentions, it is universally the same process at work that you are expressing and engaging in, and just the same as someone else doing so in a way that might look very different on the surface. But the underlying process, is the same.

So furthermore, the presence of God, you find within your own presence as the unique individual and unique expression of God that you are. You can only find God and God’s true magic, by looking within yourself, by believing in yourself, through your IN-WARD belief.

The world we live in is of mirror-like quality. So certainly it is possible that you will see reflections of the spiritual truth within you. That you will experience other people as reflections, or learn about spiritual leaders whose intention had been to “point you” toward the spiritual truth within you. Such as Christ and other spiritual leaders, teachers and so on. These, and many others were trying to show people the way by pointing toward God, which is indefinable in its nature. They gave of themselves AS AN EXAMPLE, with the point being for us to look toward what they were trying to point us toward, which is again, an indefinable substance, essence, truth, but a power of LOVE.

No one is really following Christ or any other spiritual leader of their choice if they are doing so in a subservient indoctrinated format, missing the boat of the actual message. Christ for example, was an example for what is possible for mankind. Expressing God’s power through his humanity. Much of the miraculous power of Jesus, many would have thought of him as a “witch,” that his miracles were of “witchcraft.” The message of Christ was to illustrate that the same way he expressed God’s miraculous, and creative, power through himself, that we all are capable of the same, if we understand that his message wasn’t to follow him in some subservient manner, but to follow the example he was trying to illustrate: Look within your heart, believe in yourself, place your faith and belief within your very own heart, because this is where you find God, and all of the magic of God, its abundant love, infinite possibility, lavish goodness, and blessed creative energy to manifest the good that you desire.

Christ, and many other spiritual teachers, wanted you to understand that there is One Loving Source of All Life, and that you find it within your heart. Some may call this One Loving Source of All Life by the name, “God,” or “Goddess,” or “The Divine” which incorporates both the Feminine and Masculine qualities of life intertwined together within a beautiful marriage of harmony. Some may feel more comfortable with, “Universe” or the “Higher Power.” Others reference it as, “Source” or “God Source.” Some may have preferences of a particular spiritual leader, example, or preferred REPRESENTATION of God, such as “Jesus” or “Mother Mary,” but when one isn’t able to see the bigger picture essence of what these “representations” are “pointing toward,” then it is a matter of having missed the boat of true spiritual understanding.

God is not so small as to only be found within one doctrine or religious format. God is omnipresent and far more powerful than that. God is a universal principal, the One Loving Source of All Life.

So how does the topic of love spells fit in with the magic of believing in yourself? Ultimately whenever you pray, ask and intend on behalf of a desire that you hold which pertains to love or a love situation, the influence you have, (notice the difference, this being “influence,” not control… and “influence” also along the same theme as the kind of power of influence you have over others based on how you present yourself, making a point to show up to meet them looking your best or to show up to the opposite, or influence based on how you treat the person, whether you treat them kindly, or otherwise, you are using your power of influence to influence them nonetheless,) but this influence that you have regarding the other person (whether that person is known or yet to be known to you), you are really influencing the person via yourself, via the part of your own subconscious mind that this person represents.

When your thoughts, especially your emotionally-charged thoughts, about a person change, on an unconscious level, they will feel this change. So if your thoughts about this person become very loving, kind, beautiful, blessing in their nature toward the person, you have the power to influence that person via your own thoughts about them in a very loving, beautiful, abundantly positive way.

“If you treat an individual as he is, he will remain how he is. But if you treat him as if he were what he ought to be and could be, he will become what he ought to be and could be.”
~Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

The same applies with your thoughts about a person, and how you treat that person within your own thoughts about them.

When you change your thoughts about a person, miracles can happen.

The entire Universe, God, all of God’s abundant goodness and infinite blessings, can be accessed via your connection with your own inner heart. When you believe in yourself, and you believe in your good thoughts, your good feelings, your good intentions, and the power inside your heart, you strengthen your connection with God, the One Loving Source of All Life, and true magic is found.

Look within to the essence of life that flows through you, feel it, know it in your heart, accept the unconditional love that God has for you that already exists inside of you, believe in yourself as God infinitely believes in you, express your unique magic, live your unique magic, for this is God’s gift of infinite creativity living within you, with the power to spring forth ever-abundant blessings for you.

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