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The Essence of White Magic

Do you remember being a very young child, filled with boundless imagination and boundless creativity? Do you remember feeling deeply awake to your inherent cellular memory of infinite possibilities that could know no bound? Do you remember, that sparkling aliveness that you so naturally felt in your very cells, that contained worlds within worlds, universes within universes?

Where life was an abundant, forever-unfolding field of infinite possibilities, and infinite goodness…

Allow yourself to truly remember, the bliss of pure Being—that means being exactly who you are, and being loved infinitely, eternally, and unconditionally by the part of you that never changes…

Inherent within this “Being-ness” that you are, is the field itself, the field of infinite possibilities. Do you remember how natural and organic it felt in your awareness as a young child, to—not intellectually, not logically—but to INTUITIVELY understand, with an intuitive spiritual awareness, that you were not only INSIDE of this love-saturated field of infinite possibilities, but that you were also, the whole entire field…?

You do realize that this eternal truth hasn’t changed, don’t you?

Remember the love and freedom you felt, so purely, without needing an intellectual reason.

Do you remember your natural spiritual moments with Nature?

Didn’t it feel so good to feel the presence of the gentle breeze sweetly romancing the leaves upon the trees, as you felt with your inner heart, each leaf, uniquely in its own way, dancing in pure joy, bursting with the sweetened fullness of life? Do you remember how natural it was for you to intuitively witness it all as the magic of love, without even thinking about it?

Allow yourself to remember the feeling of pure blissful awareness that you felt throughout your entire being in recognition that, you were also this love…

How there was no sense of separation. You were One with Yourself. Through your Wholeness, you intuitively knew and understood your own Divinity.

The magic of love’s sweet truth stirred within every cell, straight through to your very soul, and you felt the truth of your True Spirit.

The sweetest creativity, of infinite proportion, beyond all measure, bursting with the fullness of love… The magic of infinite possibilities abounding for all eternity. And here you are, reading this now, REMEMBERING that this, is the truest “You”.

The essence of white magic is an attunement to, and an expression of, your True Spirit, which is already One with the highest Unity that is Love, that holds all of existence together, and is thus filled with boundless creativity, ever-replenishing abundance, and infinite goodness. This is the essence of the true abundance of Life.

Pure white magic is a natural blessing power because the essence of white magic is an expression of the infinite spiritual source energy of the highest blessing and highest benevolence, that created you, and All Life.

So in essence white magic, you could say, is an awareness of the highest energy that is Life itself—Love—and its infinitely creative, blessing power that is filled with infinite possibilities for ever-unfolding magic and miracles—And then expressing this pure creative energy of pure goodness into the world, and on behalf of any particular positive desired outcome you may have.

White magic is a natural blessing power in its true essence, because the true essence of white magic is found, through remembering who you truly are as the magic of love expressing itself as You, as an infinitely creative Being.

One of the most powerful ways to connect with the fertile ground of your true Being and your boundless creative power, is by connecting with the part of yourself that is already One with Nature. Within the part of you that is already One with Nature, you are already naturally connected within yourself to infinite possibilities.

Within Nature, within Nature’s infinitely creative Spirit inside of you, all possibilities already exist for you to choose from, in lavish, ever-abundant supply.

The infinite cycles of Nature and the ever-replenishing life-giving qualities of Nature, are a reflection of spiritual life energy made manifest in the physical world. Nature is literally steeped in ever-renewing, ever-replenishing spiritual energy.

Notice also how Nature does not judge you, and is completely incapable of judgement. With a simplicity so profound, it simply blesses, nurtures, nourishes, and replenishes, because it is filled with the boundless creative energy of Spirit, of Life energy itself. In this complete and total absence of judgment, you find the presence of love. Love that is just being, as it is, so freely and abundantly giving, and accepting of you, exactly as you are.

By connecting with Nature, you are thereby connecting with the part of yourself that is already One with Nature, and this connection can bring you back home to a fuller awareness of your True Self, and the infinite possibilities that you are.

The blessing power of white magic flows naturally and effortlessly through Nature, and because you are a part of Nature, the blessing power of white magic, flows naturally and effortlessly through you as well, whenever you allow it to, and lends a powerful benefit of support to whatever you desire to create in your life.

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