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Magic Begins In The Heart

“Your heart is an inner door to the beauty of magic, wonder, and infinite possibility, and its power, is Love.”

On the highest level, all “magic” is a form of Love Magic, since true magic is the highly fertile, highly creative substance of heart-energy’s expression, which is the essence of the moment, in its deepest sense.

Anything that you feel an honest desire for, anything that you hold appreciation for in your heart, is an expression of love.

It is the power of the love you feel for what you appreciate, that brings it to life.

Hence, the intensely potent fertile creativity of Love’s power.

If your intention is to succeed in any endeavor, be it related to love magic in an obvious way, as in relation to a love relationship, or an intention of increasing in your life experiences of abundance, accomplishment, personal healing, or otherwise, it is Love’s power that creates it in your reality.

Magic, is a state of heart-awareness of infinite possibility, of pure potentiality. Heart-energy is potent, and the pure potentiality of the heart is potent. Do you see the “potent” in “infinite potent-iality”?

Love’s power is potent, it is filled with vibrancy, a richness, a fullness, it is an infinite, eternal, ever-renewing spring.

Surrendering into the enchantment of the deeper heart’s reality, the all-encompassing bliss of unity, you know the Oneness of Higher Love’s truth, not just in concept, but in direct experiential, lucid wakefulness.

Enchantment is a state of enrapture of the heart’s magic.

To be enchanted, is to be embraced by Love’s all-encompassing potency of sweetness, enveloped by a sweet charm that shines with an allure of grace, a light of warmth, sparkling with shimmers of eternal love. It calls you to an awareness, a remembrance, of “home,” the “home” that rests peacefully within the love-reality of the heart, thus how profoundly magnetic, alluring, and attractive its pull can be.

Love is a receptive power, therefore it is highly magnetic. It carries its own magnetic power of attraction through its receptive qualities, fullness of Presence, and unconditional acceptance of Itself as All.

Love’s grace is an oceanic hug awash with the light of angels. Love’s magnetism is a sweet allure, enchanting you back to your memory of “spiritual home,” an oceanic love unity, where every part of you, loves every part of you…

Love’s enchantment, is really an experience of reawakening to our memory of Love’s ultimate reality: Unity within Divine Love. The heart, is a portal of higher awareness into the light of golden warmth that is Love’s truest reality, which beholds the greatest riches of life, the inner riches of the heart.

The Unified Being of Love, God/The Higher Power, the Loving Source of All Life, the Presence of Love Itself, loved the expression of you that you know yourself to be, into being, you are a ray of light ever-connected to its Source, you are a flower of golden light that bloomed to life, created by the overflowing joy of Love Itself. Therefore, you are created in the image of Divine Love. Divine Love Light, the Light of Divine Love, within Its unity, it is your true spiritual home, your origins.

Magic begins in the heart. The creation of All Good, begins in the heart. The heart’s essence beholds the blessing of true magic: Love’s potent creative power. The magical, enchanting blessing of the heart, beholds the essence of beauty, the power of creativity, the fertile, life-giving power of LOVE… Enchant yourself with the rich, omnipresent, omnipotent sweetness of Divine Love in your heart, and create beautifully. Your magic, is your capacity to create beauty and goodness. Your capacity to create beauty and goodness, is the strength of your presence. The strength of your presence, is your love.

“Close your eyes. Fall in love. Stay there.” ~Rumi

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