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Living Your Abundance Nature – Prosperity Is Alive AS You

As the infinite Universe, lavish with ever-fruiting abundance, experiencing itself, you are already the abundance that you seek. Whether this be an abundance of love, an abundance of opportunity, an abundance of money and resources, this “abundance” is an energy, it is an essence, and it is YOUR essence.

Just as prosperity is the energy that grows flowers and trees, springing them to life, prosperity has also flowered you to life. You entered this physical world like that of a rosebud, to grow and flourish as the flowers do. Prosperity has budded and flowered you to life, and what’s more, is that you are the flowering, flourishing flower, as well as the prosperity-enriched fertile soil of solid ground that supports it. You are the flower, the ground of solid support, and the prosperity that enriches you.

The prosperity-enriched ground of your Being is a fertile field, rich with beauty and strength–It is a part of you, that supports ALL of you, it is your spiritual truth, your spiritual roots, where Heaven meets Earth, where the Masculine and Feminine embrace in Unity as One, where strength and beauty are intertwined as One–As One, Powerful, Unified Love. Where your Wholeness, peacefully, with great, compassionate, unconditional, eternal Love, patiently awaits for the return of your awareness.

Whenever you become aware that prosperity is your natural state of being, doors begin opening for ever-greater prosperity to flow into your life, flourishing forth like abundant spring flowers generously and beautifully springing to life into your seemingly “outer” world, to reflect this very “inner” truth and reality.

True opulence is an awareness of yourself AS the energy of “plenty,” as the energy of “already-having all,” and in your truest essence, you DO. You are the Universe itself, already existing harmoniously as everything and all existence at once. So live your true essence. Live from the part of you that is not only ONE with the Universe of infinite abundance, but that *IS* the Universe of infinite abundance, now CONSCIOUS of itself.

At the center of this awareness, is LOVE. At the center of your awareness of prosperity as natural consciousness, rests the core of your grounded heart-space, flowering open with abundant Love.

All that you desire, be it greater levels of love in your life, opportunity, increased money flow, and so forth, is also SEEKING YOU. This is because it IS “You” searching for you. What you desire already exists within the being of your Abundance Nature. As you are searching for what you long for, what you long for is already present within you, patiently awaiting your return home to your truest, most authentic SELF–Your inner treasure trove of infinite love, and infinite inner riches, which can be made tangible.

Allow the Prosperity that You Are, to “flow as You,” from the ground of your true being, and you will find that you have always been, “home.” That your truest home, is rested peacefully within the grace and nurturing embrace of an inner garden of lavish, fruitful, wakefully-enriching, vibrantly-loving… Abundance, that is your own grounded space of heart.

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