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Gratitude – Letting Go Is Not What You Think

“Gratitude is the memory of the heart.”

True surrender, is to relax deeply into your true spiritual essence, which is your true spiritual power. Spiritual power, is creative power. True surrender, is relaxing deeply into the powerful expression of potent spiritual/creative energy that you are, in your true essence. True surrender is creativity unleashed, and beautifully expressed.

Within the infinite depths of your core, you are connected to the One Source of All Life–You are One with God/Source/The Higher Power. What you believe about God/Source/Life/The Higher Power, you also believe about yourself. Not in just what you think, but more powerfully so, in what you FEEL to be true about God/Life.

Realize that God/The Higher Power is an infinite spring of eternal, unconditional LOVE, and that in the deepest part of your heart, so are you, because you are an expression of the Creative Source of All Life. Realize that in your core, exists a powerful, unconditional, infinite love source of eternal magnitude. You are connected directly to Divinity, to It’s love, and to all of It’s blessings.

God/Life/The Higher Power indwells within you, within your very core, as your own subconscious mind, as your very ABILITY TO FEEL. Feeling is vibration, it is spiritual power, highly potent creative energy, it is the beloved Feminine within you, it is your HEART.

Because the creative heart of God/The Higher Power within the core of your own heart is unconditionally loving, it is unbiased, therefore you have free will, and as a result, it will MIRROR and reflect to you the nature of your thoughts…

Your Heart, your feelings, the Source of God/The Higher Power within you, will respond to you, communicating with you through your feelings. If you misuse your mind, your ability to feel, and your ability to create, by way of negativity, this can be mirrored back to you in your experiences, even if unintentionally, since free will is a powerful gift bestowed to you.

However, whenever you utilize the gift of your mind, your ability to think, to make positive choices, you are thereby honoring the gift of your heart, your ability to feel, and your ability to create the good and blessings that you desire in your life.

With surrender into the Love of God/The Higher Power within your core, which sources your very essence and existence, you are not really “giving up” anything in doing so, unless you’d like to consider that you are giving up the confining relationships you have with thoughts of limitation, powerlessness and lack.

True surrender in this respect, is to release yourself, to free yourself from the prison of the intellect, to live fully from the heart, the basis of authentic spiritual power.

To truly “let go,” in the highest sense, is about ACCEPTANCE, it is an acceptance of the infinite and eternal inner treasure source within you, an acceptance of the inner power within your core that is your interconnection with God/The Higher Power, the Source of Divine Love that created you and still lives within you NOW, and forevermore, eternally. It is an acceptance, and a knowing that Its power is YOUR OWN power whenever you surrender into Oneness with your truest, most authentic Self.

Whenever your conscious mind (inner masculine) lovingly acknowledges God/The Higher Power within yourself, and your togetherness with It’s love and creative power which resides within your subconscious mind (the inner power of your heart, the Feminine,) you become transformed. Spiritual alchemy takes place. You become a manifestation of the Divine Masculine (physical form transformed into physical form that is aware of itself as the Divine.) Your spiritual connection with God/The Higher Power made manifest in physical expression.

Then you will have discovered the loving, creative power of God/Source/The Higher Power, right here… So close, closer than even the air you breathe, existing right here in your heart. Then you will see all of the spiritual fruits, the spiritual gifts, present with you in great abundance, because you have discovered your Oneness with their Source. The all-pervasive, omnipresent, loving, healing PRESENCE of God/Source/The Higher Power.

Know that God/Life Energy/Source/The Higher Power, is only GOODNESS, it is purity, unconditionally loving, unconditionally accepting, and wants only goodness for you. If you fear punishment or condemnation from God/The Universe/The Higher Power, it is a projection of your own self-condemnation, a projection of your own unforgiveness toward yourself onto your idea of “God,” which is really unconditional love and purity in It’s nature…

Self-punitive thoughts create self-imposed walls to just simply allowing yourself to receive and bask within the unconditionally loving acceptance of God/Source/The Higher Power, NOW, in this very moment.

God/The Higher Power, whatever you feel most comfortable addressing the One Source of All Life as, is not some far-off deity in the sky somewhere that you are separate and arbitrary from. God/The Higher power is not arbitrary, and at the deepest level of “You,” the Higher Power is showing up AS “You.”

All of the goodness of God/The Higher Power, can be connected with through your very own HEART, because at the highest level, you are already connected and share a beautiful relationship of Oneness. It is simply a matter of acknowledging the relationship you have deep within yourself to The Higher Power. There is a connection there, a connection is already present, be it neglected, or appreciated.

Gratitude is the natural response to recognizing your true relationship with God Source/The Higher Power, because whenever you allow yourself to receive God’s Love, the Love of the Higher Power or Life Essence, your heart is filled with an awareness of God’s goodness and blessings, and infinite potentiality becomes more apparently available to you for creative expression in your life.

Gratitude is the heart’s memory of it’s Oneness with the beautiful One Source of All Life. You recognize yourself as it’s infinite, eternal love and goodness. It’s openness, it’s unconditional acceptance, is it’s love, and the fullness of it’s love is the abundance of all things good, rich with vibrancy, vitality, and fruitful prosperity overflowing with life essence that is anew in each moment.

Gratitude is the center-point of all things good. Spiritual fruits blossom forth from a grateful heart.

“A thankful heart is always close to the blessings of Life.”

Gratitude, as felt in it’s deepest essence, is an awakened heart graced with an awareness of the fullness of God’s blessings. Gratitude is the joyful response to letting go of self-imposed blocks (i.e., negative thoughts, negative beliefs) about God/Source and about yourself, and LETTING FLOW IN the grace of God/The Higher Power’s unconditional love and acceptance.

YOU control your own experience of “God’s Love,” by either accepting it through accepting yourself, or through refusing it by refusing yourself. Gratitude is thankfulness of the pure “havingness” of all goodness that is available to you whenever you allow your relationship within you with the Higher Power, to exist in a light of love, acceptance, and appreciation, as the One Source of All Life IS the source of all goodness, and you are One with it at the deepest level of your most authentic Self.

Gratitude is the appreciation of all good, and appreciation of the SOURCE of all good, God/The Higher Power, within your own awakened heart.

Therefore, surrender and letting go, in their truest sense, is not to give up on what is most important to you, but rather, to relax into a deeper, fuller, more empowered sense of your Self. To relax down into the ground of your Being, resting within your true inner power, and thereby more powerfully expressing the loving, creative power that pours forth from your truest essence, blessing your life with the creativity that is one in the same with the Divine.

Gratitude, is therefore an awareness of yourself as One with the Divine, and thus, gratitude is a highly fertile, highly creative energy. Surrender into Oneness “with” Gratitude, and you are thereby surrendering into Oneness with God/The One Source of All Life.

To let go, to surrender into the deep joys of gratitude, simply means that if you are not already feeling this joyous union with God/Source/The Divine, then you are in some way holding yourself apart from it. When you “let go” or “surrender” to gratitude, you are simply choosing to no longer hold yourself apart from who you really are in your true spiritual identity.

Your mind is invisible, your thoughts are invisible, your feelings are invisible, but yet you know they are very real. Just as air is invisible, and you also know that air is very real. The spiritual “You” is very real.

The most authentic “You”, is filled with the abundant blessings of the Loving Source that created you. Whenever you surrender to your most authentic Self, you find the infinite, eternal love of God/Source/The Higher Power, and Its potent creative energy richly blesses you. Whenever you surrender to your most authentic Self, you discover the “You” that is One in a beautiful relationship with the Loving Source of All Life, you discover the grace of a profound simplicity that blesses the heart. The joy of gratitude.

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