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Freeing Your Creative Power By Releasing Over-Intellectualization

The inner unity that is experienced through delicate balance of mind and heart, opens your awareness to the loving creative force flowing within you.

The loving creative power within you, is the essence of who you really are. Abundance, is your natural state of being, the very essence of who you really are at the most holistic level.

The nature of Abundance is pure having. The pure potentiality to inspire creation. It is the holistic field of infinite possibilities, the intangible substance that is, paradoxically, the most authentic sense of genuine and lasting security. It is the deepest solidarity in all of existence… Free-flowing Infinity, grounded in Eternity.

You are already, the pure and grounded flow of Creative Life Force Energy. Recognizing yourself as your true Abundance-nature, is your portal to conscious manifestation.

Your mental focus, grounded in an awareness of the deepest depths of your divinely authentic inner body heart-space, offers a direct experience of pure knowing, brilliantly shining as an awareness of yourself AS Creation it’s self. It is this awareness, that is your personal portal to conscious utilization of your creative power. And it is the intention that you hold in the deepest level of your body, that ignites the creative force behind your desired manifestation.

The full power of intention is not singularly about intellectualizing over your desires. Conscious creation is not about simply thinking about what you desire, up in the realms of thought. Over-intellectualization is “isolated thinking,” it is ungrounded thought. Emotional intelligence flowers as a result of thought that is grounded in Authenticity.

Isolated thought, is a disconnection from the depths of your inner body, it is a disconnection from your Heart-Level Being, a disconnection from the true creative power that you truly are inside. Thinking positive thoughts can be useful, but it can only get you so far in your consciously creative endeavors, until you ground those thoughts in the power of your Intention, which is not found in the realm of thought alone, but in the UNITY of balanced Masculine and Feminine Energies within you- Where the realm of thought, is brought down-to-Earth, to the ground of your Being, and securely grounded in an awareness of the free-flowing inner essence of the Heart.

Your heart is not centralized exclusively to just the middle of your chest. This location, is your Heart-CENTER. It is the “opening” of your heart. The full extent of your heart, expands throughout the entirety of your inner body, and beyond, deeper and deeper into the depths of infinite, loving eternity. Your heart is your personal connection with the Universe, with the Source of All Life. Your heart is your personal connection to the boundless creative energy flow, which is who you really Are, at the deepest, most holistic level. It is an awareness, of your heart and it’s infinite inner spaciousness, that is authentic Self-Realization, the ultimate gateway to your creative power.

Over-intellectualization, is like a little box of mental entrapment, an encapsulation of our ideas about ourselves within the grip of analytical thought, which is completely turned in on it’s self, where our own minds become like a dog chasing his own tail. A way in which our own masculine energy takes the destructive approach of trying to “save” it’s self, BY “destroying” it’s self. There is no way out of this trap, other than to release it altogether. The answers you are searching for cannot be found on the level of mental activity and analytical thought alone.

Your authentic creative power, and the deep answers your soul longs for, are found through inner unity of heart and mind, working in alignment, as a team, as a loving inner partnership. It is the merging into Unity, the harmonious blending of your mental focus, with the wisdom of your inner body, that forms in your awareness, a divine gateway, a portal of infinite possibilities, which is the doorway to your inner heart- The exhilarating Freedom of the Loving Creative Power of the Universe. The most authentic, “You.”

Your mind’s hunger, cannot be satisfied by the endless chewing of your thoughts… The hunger of isolated mental focus, can only be nourished, by releasing endless mental chewing, and falling into the arms of inner unity of mind and heart- The Divine “You.” It is a surrendering of one piece, to gain the Whole.

You hold your world in the palm of your hand, when you release the isolated thought of over-intellectualization, and surrender to the Wholeness, that you already are- This moment.

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