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Free Money Spell

Free Money Spell – Receive Prosperity Vibrations

Essence Of A Money Spell

{Vibrationally Charged Image.}

Lean back, relax down into your body, feel the supportive ground of your Being, relax your heart-space, open your palms, and receive the vibration of prosperity.

Your heart is already infinitely rich. Abundance abounds. Allow these feelings of prosperity to flourish, filling you with the fullness of abundance. The fruitfulness of prosperity is flowing through you now.

Affirm: “I easily attract money, because abundance is my true nature. My finances are now forever sunny, as I now always have plenty of money!

Money flows to you in plenty,
filled with love and light,
it’s okay to let yourself receive,
money blessings full and bright.

Let your money flow in now,
without further delay.
You don’t have to know how,
just allow LOVE to find the way!

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