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Free Love Spell

Free Love Spell – Receive Love Vibrations

Essence Of A Love Spell

{Vibrationally Charged Image.}

Lean back, relax down into your body, feel the supportive ground of your Being, relax your heart-space, open your palms, and receive the vibration of love.

Affirm: “I easily attract love, because I am love. As graceful and pure as the sacred dove, sweetness blesses my heart, and fills my life with love.

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  1. Leesah says:

    Thank You So Much for These Free Charged Images! This Love Spell Image Really Feels So Powerful and Luscious to Me! The Gorgeous Ruby Red of the Roses and Her Gown Feel Wonderful!

  2. Anastasia says:

    Your site is wonderful. I have been following you on YouTube and just found out this lovely page. Thank you. You are a very kind person. I love your cats <3

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