Free Cleansing / Purification Spell
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Free Cleansing/Purification Spell

Free Cleansing/Purification Spell – Receive Cleansing & Purifying Vibrations

Essence Of A Cleansing/Purification Spell

{Vibrationally Charged Image.}

Lean back, relax down into your body, feel the supportive ground of your Being, relax your heart-space, open your palms, and receive the cleansing, all-purifying vibration of pure positive spiritual Source energy.

Affirm: “I am now purified, I am washed clean, life is more beautiful than I’ve ever before seen.”

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  1. Leesah says:

    Thank You So Much! I LOVE This! I’ve been tuning into this Vibrational Image All Day and Feel and Immediate Shift Each Time! I’ve been doing a lot of physical and emotional cleaning lately, and this is helping me immensely!

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