Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Conscious Creation, Magick, Love Spells, Spell Casting, & The Natural Creative Process.

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Frequently asked questions regarding a true understanding of conscious creation, magick, the natural creative process, how this website operates, and much more.

What ordering/payment methods do you accept? TOP

We currently accept PayPal, and most major credit cards are accepted through PayPal (i.e., Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover Credit & Debit Cards.) We also accept orders sent via offline ordering methods, if needed.

How soon will I receive my reading? TOP

Reading orders are generally fulfilled within 1-7 business days, upon receipt of your order and upon receipt of the information needed for your reading, but please allow up to 1-14 business days to receive your reading.

The information needed for your reading includes your name, birthdate, and your question(s). If another person is involved in your reading question(s), then their name and birthdate (if available,) are also requested. Including photos for reading orders would be encouraged as well, although optional. If desired, photos may be sent via email.

Text Message / Chat Readings are by appointment only. If you’ve ordered a reading by Text Message, you should receive initial contact from us within 24-48 business hours to coordinate a date and time to meet for your Text Message Reading.

When will my spell work be scheduled to begin? TOP

You should receive an email from us, generally within 24-48 business hours upon receipt of your order. Scheduling often occurs within 24-48 business hours upon receipt of your order and upon receipt of all information needed in order to begin your spell work.

What information do you need in order to begin working on my spell work? TOP

Information requested, includes your name and birthdate, along with your heart’s desired outcome. If anyone else is involved in your heart’s desired outcome, then also their name and birthdate (if available,) are also requested in order for scheduling. Including photos would be encouraged, although optional. Photos may be sent via email, if desired.

How soon will I see results? TOP

Many of our clients have reported feeling very surprised with how rapidly they received their desired outcome after enlisting the assistance of our spells. Sometimes desired results take place very quickly, at surprising speeds. Some of our clients have received their desired results faster than they ever imagined they would. However, every situation is unique and different, and involves its own unique mix of energies.

It can be helpful to keep in mind, that the Universe is always continuously working for you, on behalf of your desired outcome, at every moment, whether it is yet visible to you or not. Changes must always first take place on a deeper (sometimes less obvious) level, within those involved in the spell work, before those changes will show up in your physical reality. Desired changes are often taking place on deeper energetic levels that you may be presently unaware of, until the right moment where everything comes together and has fully culminated into the fruition of your desired outcome.

It is also important to realize that your desired results can spring to life, truly, at any moment. It can be very helpful, and hold an enormous potential in rapidly increasing the speed and progress of your desired results whenever you allow yourself this awareness. It is understandable to be curious about when desired results will become apparent. Although too much focus upon linear thought can risk a self-imposed block being formed. In taking even just a small step back from linear thought, this can often help you perceive a larger view of things. This can place you more in touch with the true timelessness of life and existence, which is where the true magic really is. This timelessness is the NOW moment. Whenever your desired results show up, they always show up, “as a moment of Now.”

When focused too heavily in linear thinking, it is possible to lose touch and lose awareness of that magic. You can discover, and rediscover, this magic, by taking a step back from linear thought enough to perceive a larger picture. The “true” future, exists here, in the present moment, in the Now, as a fertile field of infinite possibilities…

With magick, you are consciously choosing with awareness, from this abundant field of infinite possibilities, which possibilities will become probabilities for you. But either way, the essence and magic of what you desire, exists as energy to be connected with in the Now.

Whenever you expand your awareness in this way, and make a conscious choice in each moment to operate in such a way that is congruent and in alignment with what you desire, then you are significantly contributing to a much clearer path for your desire to reach you, to manifest, to spring to life for you. The essence of magic is in the Now, and whenever your awareness is in the Now, you can discover your Oneness with true magic. True magic beholds a fertile field of infinite blessings. Living from this state of mind, from this state of being, holds great potential for bringing about your desired outcome with great ease and rapid speed.

How does magick work? What is conscious creation? TOP

It can help to first understand that it is the nature of Life and the Universe, to respond to your thoughts, feelings, desires, and intentions, by reflection. And very strongly in this, is that it is in this nature, to respond to your beliefs, by reflection. After all, a belief, in essence, is a strongly held, repetitive, “thought.”

So in essence, you are creating either consciously or unconsciously, already.

Conscious creation comes in, whenever you become aware of the creative nature, and the creative process, of your thoughts, feelings, beliefs, desires, and intentions. There’s nothing “airy fairy” about it, it is actually quite practical whenever you approach it from a grounded perspective.

So “conscious” creation, is whenever you become aware of your creative abilities, which you are already quite skilled in, and then guide the creative process with a greater level of conscious awareness. If you have been thinking, feeling, believing, desiring, intending, wishing or hoping in your life in any way, then you are already successfully creating something in your life.

Then there is the topic, of magic, and spells. What is magic? In essence, “magic” (magick) is the timeless essence of infinite possibility. Magic is the energy of creativity allowed to flourish.

Magick, is a marriage of infinite possibility with this creative process that we’ve been talking about. It is the essence of this creative process of thought/intention, that already takes place for you either consciously or unconsciously. Working with magic, is working with the energy of creativity, to apply creative energy on behalf of a conscious intention, which involves a process of thought and emotionally-charged intention. Successful conscious creation / a successful magickal endeavor, can look like: Experiencing a thought of what you want, feeling your desire, establishing clarity of intention, grounding your intention in the emotion of love and faith, while sustaining a loving relationship with your intention (“allowing” yourself to be open to receiving your desire,) and operating in a way that is in alignment with your desire, which can produce and lead to a significant likelihood of: The receiving of your desired manifestation/outcome.

Whenever this creative “process” is approached consciously, with “conscious” awareness, then the process may have a label applied to it in many cases. Some may reference this creative process as “magick,” others may reference it as the Law of Attraction, and still others may choose to frame it within a context of perspective as being, “Faith in God,” or faith in The Higher Power, or possibly in a number of other ways. In essence, these all share one same underlying principal, which is… Conscious Creation – Creating with a conscious intention to do so.

However you choose to perceive it, however you feel most comfortable organizing your perspective around it, however you feel most comfortable framing it, it is the same underlying principal in operation, the same creative process, by which it is the nature of Life and the Universe, to respond to your thoughts, feelings, beliefs, desires, and intentions (your energetic vibrations,) by reflection.

With that said, then what is a, “spell”? A spell, simply put, is a focused thought, a focused intention. It is one way of focusing your mind. It is a meditation. If you are daydreaming about something you wish could happen, then you are in essence, meditating upon it. If you are focusing your thoughts upon something that you desire and want, then this “focusing of your mind,” is the underlying principal of what a, “spell” is. Thus you are already meditating and creating, “spells,” just by thinking and using your mind’s inherent focusing and creative abilities. In essence, a spell, is an energetic wave of thought and emotion, which when combined, you could definite as an, “intention.”

Or as, a “plan.” If you have a plan, then you are intending, and the inherent creative process is at work, whether you choose to call it a “spell,” or as simply a reminder to check your mail today. Either way, you are planning, you are intending, you are setting the energy of thought and feeling into motion, you are engaging in the creative process of life, and the same underlying principal is in operation.

So in the essence of it, in the underlying principal of it, you could frame a thought, desire or intention, as simply being a thought, desire, or intention, or if you are recognizing this creative process consciously, then you might still frame it in that way, or, you might frame those thoughts, desires and intentions as being, a “wish,” or a “prayer,” or even as, a “meditation,” or a “spell,” when looking at it from a higher, more holistic perspective.

Either way, the essence of magick, and conscious creation, is to be at cause,” in the creation process, with conscious intention and awareness for what you wish to create and experience in your life.

Are love spells ethical? I heard that love spells violate free will and aren’t consensual. Is it possible to mention another person in my love spell request/intentions, and still be honoring that person’s free will? TOP

If you were to pray for your beloved to have a relationship with you, or to return to a relationship with you, would you consider this unethical or a violation of that person’s free will? Would you perceive it in this way, if you were to “wish” the person to have a relationship with you, or to return to a relationship with you? And if you daydreamed, or utilized your personal, creative thought energy, feelings, desires, or intentions and hopes, in any way, for the person to have a relationship with you, or to return to a relationship with you, would you consider it unethical, or a violation of the person’s free will?

In essence, a “spell,” is a concentrated prayer. Somewhere along the line, a fragmentation in perspective occurred which seems to have lead many away from the essential core truth of what “magic,” “spell-casting,” and overall conscious creation, involves at the core–A deep, prayerful communion between your heart, and the Divine within you.

At the spiritual heart level, you are already interconnected with the Creator of all life, you are already connected with your beloved, and with the All of Life and existence. The true essence of prayer, and spell work, is communion with the Divine through your own heart. The Higher Power, the Universe, however you wish to reference it, however you feel most comfortable framing it for yourself, in the essence of it, both prayer and spell work are communion with the Divine through your personal heart-space.

Whenever you enlist the assistance of another with a personal, consciously creative endeavor, it entails that you are willing to open to receive the spiritual support that is offered, which in the case of our spells, involves a meditative focusing of highly creative Divine Love blessing energy on your behalf.

So in regard to love spells, whether they are ethical, and whether involving another person in your love spell request/intentions can be done while still honoring the person’s free will–In and of itself in its purity, YES, it is possible.

If your intentions are to override the person’s free will, then it is not a “spell,” per say, that is dishonoring of another person’s free will–If you are engaged in a power struggle over another person’s free will choices, and you are trying to force your will over theirs, then you may be dishonoring that person’s free will, whether you bring the topic of magic and spells into the equation at all.

There are many commonly filtered-out and overlooked, everyday practices that involve the dishonoring of another person’s free will, one common example in particular being, whenever a person says what they don’t want, and another attempts to change their mind, or to convince them otherwise. Yet… A meditative practice that holds such profound beauty and potential for the cultivation of love and healing in honor of “relationship,” seems to be blindly believed by some to be a dishonoring of free will.

The moral being, that if your intentions are to override a person’s free will, then you may be dishonoring the person’s free will.

However, if you are approaching your creative endeavor from a place within yourself where you are honoring the person’s free will, and your creative endeavor is based not from power-struggle or an intent to force or energetically impose upon another, but from a willingness to open to receive the assistance of the Higher Power, then your energy vibrates honor, your creative endeavor vibrates honor, and your magick vibrates honor, your spell vibrates honor, even if someone else may be involved in your love spell request and intentions.

In itself, it is not “manipulative” to pray, whenever your intentions are flowing from a pure heart. It is not “manipulative” to cast a spell that involves someone else, and it is not manipulative either in that they are not aware of it, whenever your intentions are flowing from a pure heart.

When it comes to magic and spells, and any other form of prayer, meditation, or creative intent, this is about your personal relationship with the Creator of the Universe that is an innate part of who you are in your innermost core. It is not anyone else’s business but your own. If your desires and intentions, which may or may not involve another person, are motivated by a pure and sincere heart, with authentic love and goodness as your foundation and motivation, then you are not being, “manipulative,” or trying to force upon someone’s free will. Genuine love is not controlling or confining by nature anyway, hence the phrase, “Your love has set me free.”

Whenever you turn to a Higher Power for assistance in creating something that you desire, as long as your intentions are motivated by genuine, authentic sincerity and honest goodness in regard to desiring what (or who) it is that you desire, then you are not engaging in anything manipulative or wrong.

You have every right for a genuine relationship with the Higher Power and with your own creative power. Whenever your intentions are motivated by genuine goodness, then you are in proper alignment with creating the good that you desire, and you have every right to ask, pray, and to even, cast a spell, in regard to cultivating the good that you desire–And whenever you are approaching the creation and attracting of what you desire, if your heart and motives are pure, wishing harm to no one, and wishing only good for all, with your creative endeavor approached from this foundation, then you are flowing from a good place, and do not have to worry that you are doing anything wrong.

Magick, including love spells and love magic, can be a beautiful experience when approached from a virtuous heart, whether your spell request involves a specific person or not.

People are always going to do what they really want to do. Even whenever you succeed in INSPIRING and encouraging a person to love you, they are still always doing so of their own accord, of their own free will choice.

When you experience the joy of your love spell working to successfully inspire your beloved to the desired response, nothing “made” them love you, nothing “forced” them to love you or respond in the way you’d hoped for, but rather, they are responding in the way you desire, because it is what THEY desire as well, and are actively choosing for themselves.

Inspiration, encouragement, and positive influence that is based from purely loving energy, in no way whatsoever equates with forcing, coercing, or manipulation. There is a huge difference between the two.

Whenever you experience the happiness of your love spells working beautifully for you, it is about mutual benefit, relationship happiness for both yourself AND the other person, your beloved. Whenever someone decides to respond to your love spell in a positive way, it is because they were welcoming, even if subconsciously, of your positive and loving intentions for a mutually joyous relationship with them. The person responds because they WANT to, because they CHOOSE to, it is absolutely consensual, because they respond as they want to, and all of the good, positive desired results you are receiving from your love spell, all of the positive response you are receiving from your beloved, is because ultimately, THEY DECIDED to do so.

There is nothing wrong with asking the Higher Power for help and miracles in your love life and relationships. Praying for the good in love that you desire, is not wrong, especially whenever it is your intention to have a “mutually” positive and beneficial relationship with the one you love. What makes the relationship truly happy, is when you are both happy, when you are both experiencing a sense of blessing and enrichment from the relationship.

It is very honorable to care about not wanting to interfere with someone’s free will. But as long as you are noble in your prayers, spells and intentions, with your heart in the right place, there is no need to worry that you are interfering with free will, and you can rest assured that whenever you are experiencing the positive desired results from your love spell, it is because the person made the free will CHOICE to RESPOND of their own free will.

Ultimately, whenever your intention is to use magick benevolently, for the purpose of GOOD, including mutually-beneficial love spells, you are celebrating the loving, creative relationship between yourself and the Higher Power, The Universe, God…

At the core of it, it is about your personal creative relationship with the Divine, and with love spells in particular, what you are really doing is offering a prayer in your heart for something that is important to you, inviting the Divine to work miracles in your life, and offering a welcoming invitation energetically to the other person, or your beloved, to respond in the way that you hope, but when your intentions are pure, you can rest assured that those positive results you are seeing from the person, is because they feel blessed inspiration to respond to you in a positive way because they WANT to.

I am interested in learning about magic and spells, but I was told that magic and casting spells are against my religion. What should I do? TOP

The essence of magic and casting spells, is to direct your creativity toward bringing about a particular desired result. If you “pray,” then you are already doing this. If you have a thought to check your mail, and you intend to check your mail, then you are using the same creative process as you are when you are praying, and yes, even the same creative process, even when you have a thought/intention to go check your mail.

If you are meeting someone you are interested in, and you take special care to your appearance, you dress extra nicely when meeting with them, you wear a nice perfume/cologne, behave in a kind manner, and you do ANYTHING at all, no matter how small it may seem, with an intent, desire or even hope of influencing them in a positive way toward you (i.e., trying to get them to like you, to hire you for a job, or to do anything you might want them to do for you) then you have just used your creative abilities with intent to create a particular desired outcome: You had an intent to “create” a good impression about you in that person’s mind. You had an intention to create a particular result, and you set your intention into motion through your actions.

It is an innate part of who you are, and an innate part of being a human being, and a spiritual being, to intend and create in your life, whether you are doing so consciously (with awareness) or unconsciously (without awareness, or on auto-pilot.) And indeed, you are intending and creating desired outcomes in your life all the time already. Only with magic and spell-casting, you are choosing to do this intending and creating, with greater levels of conscious awareness, with reverence in your heart for the Higher Power within you, and for the creative ability that the Higher Power has blessed you with.

Are your love spells safe? TOP

Yes. Our love spells, and all of the spells that we offer, are completely safe. Our spells are imbued with a blessed energy, as well as the products and special items we may offer. In other words, this means that the energy is holy.

Thus why the concept of a spell, “backfiring,” is not really applicable here. Usually when someone may have an experience where they believe a spell might be backfiring, it is when they have either attempted to control a person using a manipulative approach (which here, we do not,) OR the person’s vibration/energetic contribution was not in harmony or alignment with the truth of their desire.

Usually when a situation seems to “backfire,” be that involving a spell, or otherwise a situation in general, it is because the person’s vibration was a mismatch from what they truly desired, or the person’s energy was not properly grounded. Whenever you become deeply in touch with your truest intentions, it can tend to have a grounding effect, and you may tend to feel better, calmer, and more confident. You may tend to feel more in control, more “at the wheel,” so to speak, of your desired direction.

Successful results from spell work (and in life in general) tend to work out best whenever you are coming from, and approaching things from, a genuine place of grounded heart-space… Grounded authenticity of the heart.

I read somewhere that you can’t be both a psychic reader “and” a real spellcaster, is this true? TOP

Can an individual be multi-faceted? If a pianist is also knowledgeable in playing the guitar, would they be any less a pianist? Just because they are knowledgeable in playing the guitar, would that mean that they aren’t a “real” pianist?

This seems to go without saying…

But sometimes people that truly think they mean well, and some, may even truly mean well, will make these kind of assumptions because they are aware that not everyone who claims to be a psychic reader, and also offers spells, always have your best interests at heart. So they develop these limited kind of ideas as a way to try to protect you, and themselves, from people that might not be completely sincere in wanting to truly help you.

However, this idea is very limited, since while perhaps not all psychic readers who offer spells are truly and completely sincere in wanting to help you, it is possible that a psychic reader with an intuitive gift can also share a deep relationship with the Universe and its magic, and are thus knowledgeable in the area of magic and spell-casting as well.

A gardener can plant seeds of positive intentions (someone casting a spell) while also beholding an ability to receive intuitive/psychic information and relay it to you via a reading (a psychic reader.)

There’s no law in the Universe that says, “No, sorry, a pianist is a pianist and a guitarist is a guitarist, you can’t be both.”

And in fact, many people who are drawn for deeper reasons to magickal spiritual paths, with positive intentions, often find that by deepening their relationship and honor of the Earth, Nature, and the Higher Power, that this can actually cultivate, deepen, and enhance their own intuitive and psychic receptivity, if they are approaching it from a level of genuine depth, rather than from a superficial level that is mostly about living from “concepts” rather than living from a true heart-level spirituality.

I had a spell cast by someone else (or a spell I cast for myself) that didn’t produce my desired outcome, or seemed to produce the opposite effect. Did it backfire? What happened? TOP

One important principal here, is that magic and spells truly can behold great potential to help you receive your heart’s desires. However, it is also imperative to understand that one MUST be willing to LET a spell work for them. The grace of ALLOWING is an important, and necessary element here. This would seem obvious… But sometimes when a person really wants something, especially if they have blocks to receiving it -a common block being fear that they might not receive what is desired- it can feel all too easy to allow one’s own thoughts to stand in between themselves and the ever-present blessing grace that can help deliver one’s desired outcome with greater ease.

So it is important to understand that “asking” for help, and allowing oneself to genuinely “RECEIVE” that help, can be two completely different things… Often it is those who ask and ask for help but feel they don’t receive it, that are the ones who have the strongest blocks to allowing themselves to receive help, to truly be OPEN to receiving help, and to the receiving of their desires… So in essence, it is important to understand that allowing receptivity within oneself, is essential.

Magic and spells can help you, but you have to LET it help you. Otherwise it can be much like asking someone to help you with a task, but then every time they try to do something to help, you prevent the person from helping… One might even continue to repeatedly ask that person to help them, and even become disappointed or even angry that they don’t seem to be, but then each time that person ATTEMPTS to help, their efforts are disregarded, or blocked altogether.

In other words, this can look like someone asking the Universe for help, but then at the same time being CLOSED off from the inside, to receiving that help. One might ask the Universe to bring them a particular desired outcome, but yet they have CLOSED themselves off from receiving it, sometimes without even knowing it… Without even having conscious awareness of their own resistance to receiving what it is they say they desire. So in essence, magic and spells CAN offer valuable assistance in helping one receive their desires, if the person is willing to LET the spell work for them.

This is because the Universe is listening and responding to your energetic vibration, which includes your level of receptivity, your level of openness, your level of willingness to receive what you are asking for.

The Universe RESPONDS to your level of receptivity to receiving that which you desire… And sometimes the Universe may sense a certain degree of receptivity within you, and may already be TRYING to send you what you desire and are asking for, but then it can’t reach you, if you have blocked off your receptivity to it in another way, even if unconsciously so.

So in other words, it tends to increase the speed of desired results showing up, for those who are truly receptive to the receiving of their desires, and thus not giving off resistance in place of genuine receptivity.

With that said, there are a few different possibilities as to why a spell, generally speaking, may not work in some cases.

One possibility can be, that a spell had not been effectively grounded in your true intention with proper alignment.

In some cases, it could be that the person lacked having enough faith and belief in their ability to attract and manifest their desired goal. Faith and believing are not only about faith and believing, as it is also about the power of INTENTION. Whenever you are connected with grounded intention within yourself, a fertile field of infinite possibility begins to emerge. This fertile field of possibility, naturally and organically holds within it seeds of certainty. Whenever you are firmly grounded in your true intention, creativity begins to naturally blossom. Faith, belief, and certainty seem to begin to take care of themselves and tend to more easily appear for you, whenever you have firmly grounded yourself in your heart’s true intention.

Another possibility, is that it is sometimes possible for someone to unknowingly sabotage their own progress. This can often look like the person who says they want something in particular, but then behave and operate in ways that are very incongruent with what they say they want. In one example, this can look like a person who says that they want a relationship with a particular person, casts a spell, or has a spell cast for them, and then CHOOSES to behave and conduct themselves in a way, operating in a way, that is incongruent and out of alignment with the nature of the relationship desired. In effect, working against themselves. Many times this kind of self-sabotage, can be unconscious to the person who is sabotaging themselves and the progress of their desired results. Meaning they may be doing so without conscious awareness that they are doing so, and are thus unconscious to the impact that their own behaviors may be resulting in.

Holistically speaking, spells generally don’t “backfire.” When a spell is cast, the result experienced is usually a reflection of the energy- the thoughts, emotions and intention that had been predominately focused upon, and also a reflection of how well-grounded this had been. Although it may not always seem that way, or be readily apparent as such. For example, one possibility where it could look as though a spell were “backfiring,” could be whenever a spell is cast with intent to try to “force” someone to do something that you desire for them to do. Inspiring and encouraging a person to respond in a way that you hope for, is not the same as trying to “force” them against their will. Just the same as if you are trying to force someone to see your point of view, they tend to resist, so similarly, the same principal can apply magickally speaking as well.

It seems probable, that one of the top reasons that a person may not have success with a spell, generally speaking, would be due to unconsciously sabotaging themselves and their desired results, thus interfering with the progress desired. Many times this can happen whenever a person consciously knows that they desire something in particular, and then work toward achieving it, but yet an unconscious part of them may feel in opposition to that conscious desire or goal. In example, which there can be many examples, but one example would be, someone who desires a close and loving relationship, but on another level, may feel afraid, for whatever reason, to allow themselves to have it. And when it comes to receiving the good things that you desire, this can be very true… It would require that you allow yourself to have it.

In essence, unconscious self-sabotage can happen whenever a person wants something, they know they want it, but an unconscious part of them may feel concerned about safety. The mind often wants to protect itself from what it may perceive as very different from its own content, and may fear you receiving something that you desire, due to fear for whatever the reason, and sometimes it can be due to fear of the unknown, since the mind tends to feel safer and more comfortable with what is “familiar,” even if what is “familiar” to you doesn’t always feel very good. So if what you desire is something that feels unfamiliar for you in some way, the mind may want to avoid something unfamiliar in favor of what is more familiar, even if that means things remaining the same, unchanged, in regard to something that you know you consciously desire.

In this type of scenario, often the mind may sincerely believe that it is protecting you and keeping you safe, since it may not be as familiar with the good things you are asking for and desiring, thus may fear them as “unsafe” since they are not as “known” and familiar as some of the other more unpleasant “known’s” you may have experienced. Often the mind will seek safety in the known’s, seeking what is most familiar, even if what is familiar is something that isn’t something you would truly want to experience or continue to experience, and this can sometimes happen, even if a conscious part of you is WANTING to create positive change in a particular area.

This kind of internal conflict can often result in a person unknowingly self-sabotaging themselves and their goals.

One form of self-sabotage, can be in not “allowing” a spell to work for you, in not allowing your desired outcome to happen. This can mean that sometimes, a person may be standing in their own way, so to speak, or focusing too much on what is not desired, or, even so caught up in the energy and mode of “trying too hard,” that this form of, “trying,” becomes a block to progress in itself.

There can be a sense of “flow” that comes with grounded intention. Whenever you can allow that flowing sensation from the ground of your Being, this can often times significantly increase your likelihood for your desired success.

Another possibility can be whenever someone may feel deep down that they don’t deserve the good that they are asking for. So then may unconsciously push away their desire happening, even when (especially when) it, or opportunities for it, may show up.

It it is possible for someone to “know” conceptually that they deserve the good that they desire, but sometimes deep down, it can be a different experience emotionally, where they may not FEEL it to be true. It is possible to think something to be true, but then not always feel it to be true.

There may be times where this kind of incongruency within can create that kind of internal conflict and potentially lead to one pushing away an opportunity for receiving the fulfillment of their desires.

And sometimes, it can be fear to receive what is desired, since to genuinely receive is to open oneself.

Often a top reason why a spell may not work for someone, can often be due to the person’s own resistance to what they desire. Many of the examples mentioned here, are examples of resistance. Resistance being, the opposite of allowing. And so this brings up another possibility that some may experience whenever embarking upon the creation of a desired experience/circumstance (be that magickally, or otherwise.)

If consciously, you desire a particular experience or circumstance, but unconsciously you are resistant to it, it can be a bit like stirring up dust on a dirty window in need of cleaning. If you try to paint the pretty picture of your desired outcome, over a dirty window, it generally doesn’t tend to turn out very well. When there is resistance present, especially when it is unconscious resistance that is not readily apparent to the level of awareness that your conscious desire’s are known to you, then there may sometimes be a process necessary where the window of your perception and perspective, must first undergo a process of clearing, before you are able to see your desired outcome through that window…

This window, is your personal window of perception. The dirt and dust that must be cleansed away, represents negative and/or opposing thoughts/ideas/beliefs, etc., that contradict or hold opposition to what you desire, that have been, even if unconsciously, placing a clouded mental filter over top of your perception being clear, were the mental filters not in place over it. These mental filters and/or limited beliefs, can influence what is true for you in your experience. Underneath these filters and ideas of limitation of the good that can be true for you, is clear-sighted perception, that innately understands the nature of infinite possibility, and, your personal point of creative power within it.

If one’s window of perception is in need of such cleansing, a person that sets forth to accomplish a particular endeavor (magickally, or otherwise,) may sometimes experience that “dust” stirring up a bit, until it is finally cleared out, thus clearing the way for you to see and experience the good that is desired. Such as if someone were to desire greater levels of good luck, if you hold a belief that it is hard to have good luck, then this idea/belief holds an opposition to what you are desiring to experience: Good luck being easy for you. When this inner conflict has been resolved, the old dust has been cleared away from your perception, then a clean, new clarity, perception and perspective can begin to emerge and come into view for you, where your desires reach fruition and become very clear and apparent for you.

An important key in this, is to become more conscious of these up-until-now, unconscious processes. This involves becoming aware of how you are operating in each moment, and noticing whether it is, or is not, in alignment with that which you are desiring to create.

Then, to make a conscious choice to take a new path, to operate in a new way, that better allows your desired outcome to unfold with greater ease.

If you happen to have little to no resistance in regard to the good that you desire, then there may not be much, if any, “dust,” on your window in need of clearing, and thus your desires may tend to manifest very easily and smoothly for you as a result.

It can also be helpful to understand, that whenever you set forth to accomplish a goal (whether it be magickally, or otherwise,) it is not a matter of “if” it will happen, but rather a choice that you are making, a decision that you are making inside your own heart, within your own being, from the depths of your strong inner core, to create a particular outcome that you desire.

We are thankful to have a very high success rate with our clients, with approximately 90% or higher, successfully receiving their desired outcomes. Most of our clients report successful outcomes when having enlisted the assistance of our spells. So we believe that our spells can greatly assist you with improvements and desired results in your situation as well.

What makes “white” magic different from other forms of magic? TOP

There can be many differences between white magic and some other forms of magic, although one fundamental difference, is that white magic is a “blessing” energy, an energy that “blesses,” and seeks to heal–To heal and remedy a person, situation, or relationship, and seeks to encourage desired circumstances in a LIFE-AFFIRMING way (meaning, “no harm” to any living being.)

Often some other forms of magic are defined by the intent or approach involved in a magickal endeavor, such as an intent to harm, as with intentions of revenge or otherwise ill-intentions, or where there is a basis of intent to force or control another to conform to one’s wishes. This is often where one misconception has taken place in regard to the subject of love spells.

Even if a love spell may involve another person… In themselves, love spells do not automatically entail that one is attempting to force or control another’s free will. While there are certain types of love spells that do attempt to force or control another, you won’t find them here.

Among the highest characteristics of Love, is RESPECT. Love spells that seek to encourage and inspire love, are not the same as love spells that involve an intent to force or control another person.

In regard to love spells that may involve another person, there is still a very distinct difference between a white magic love spell, or a love spell that involves an intent to force or control someone. White magic love spells seek to ENCOURAGE love, to inspire love, but never to attempt to force someone to love you or to do what you want them to do.

In many cases where a person has used magick to try to force someone to love them, or to come back to them, and so on, it tended to produce the exact opposite effect of what they were hoping for… A common event that has seemed to transpire in the case of someone having used magick to try to force someone to love them, has often resulted in the other person becoming outright REPULSED by them. As human beings, we all feel a deep psychological need for balance, and to feel that we are making our own choices for ourselves, in our lives.

Usually, right about the time that the person who has used magick to try to force someone, begins thinking that that their “controlling spell” is “backfiring”, what is *actually* happening, is that the subject of the spell has began feeling an imbalance and he/she is subconsciously seeking to regain, or sustain, balance. When this takes place, the person may suddenly become extremely angry at the one who cast the “controlling spell” on him/her. This person may feel a dire need for space, to be alone, or to get as far away as they can from the person who cast the controlling spell toward them.

The subject of the controlling spell may not even consciously realize to the fullest extent as to “WHY” they are reacting or responding to the other person in such a way. Usually, unless this person has an extremely keen sense of self-awareness, chances are, they will not know exactly why they are feeling so much anger or resistance toward the other person. Most of the time they just want to get away from them as quickly as possible. They may realize how they feel overwhelmed, confused or as though something, “just isn’t right.” They may begin feeling easily crowded or smothered by the person. Anger can be a defense mechanism, and is often “self-protective.” Usually, the other person doesn’t even realize why they have this seemingly sudden burst of anger. These are very common side effects of controlling spells that are often misinterpreted as, a spell “backfiring”. It is also commonly confused with, “a spell wearing off,” whenever the other person finally begins to regain balance.

In so many cases, it has been the case, that when someone attempted to use magick for the purpose of trying to “force” someone else to do something that they wanted the person to do, or in trying to bring about a desired outcome in general and doing so through the use of a magickal practice that was not grounded in the Light of Higher Love and the Wholeness of Integrity, the person tended to often not only not receive what they desired, but often ended up experiencing something even worse.

It can also often be the case where a person may feel driven to try to “force” a desired outcome, be that magickally, or otherwise in everyday life, whenever they do not believe in themselves with a sense of value and self-worth. The ability to ATTRACT what you desire to you, is already an inherent part of genuinely believing in yourself and your personal connection with the Divine. Whenever you DO believe in yourself, and your inner connection with the Divine All That Is, you tend to far more EASILY attract what you desire into your life with far greater ease and grace.

In life, you tend to get better results whenever you RESPECT the people you love. If you disrespect them, you tend to lose respectability in their eyes, and they tend to lose respect for you. If your magickal endeavors that happen to involve another person, do not vibrate respect, on some level they will feel it, and that absence of respect can reflect from your relationship/situation in many possible unpleasant ways. In the absence of respect, it can tend to create an increase in unwanted experiences. And love needs respect in order to be the best experience of love that it can be. When your love, intentions, and magickal endeavors, are based from genuine respect, you have a much greater chance of success than if you attempt to force another, magickally, or otherwise.

A very fundamental difference when it comes to white magic, is that your magickal endeavors, YOUR INTENTIONS, are being expressed from a place of self-honor and genuine respect. People who lack respect in life, and toward others, tend to feel that life has been especially hard on them. This can be even more prone to happen, for those where genuine self-love and the value of respect toward life, has been absent from their lives. This kind of respect, and honor, for oneself, others, and Life, can tend to give to the quality of one’s life, and, in the receiving of one’s desires more easily.

Is white magic effective? TOP

In a Universal sense, “magick” is the essence of infinite creative potential… The essence of using magick to actualize a particular desired outcome, involves utilizing your thoughts and emotions in order to connect with the creative potential that your INTENTION beholds. There are many ways that one could define “magick.” But in essence, “magick” is infinite creative potential, it is a gift of love from the Source of All Life, that you have the potential to consciously create desired experiences in your life. In essence, “magick” is not bias. In its essence, it is not necessarily either “white” or “black,” since in essence, creative potential is creative potential.

“Distinctions” of “white” or “black,” for example, come up whenever it involves how one chooses to use that creative potential–for positive, or for negative. Which involves the INTENTION behind the use of magick, the approach, and the energetic vibrations of that intention and approach…

So in other words, using “magick” (creative potential,) in a holistic, upstanding, respectful and honorable way, does not make it less effective…

In fact, doing so can make it that much greater in its effectiveness.

You do not have to use magick in a disrespectful or forceful way, in order for it to be, “effective,” for you. And in fact, as many people have discovered, often when they did try to use magick in a forceful, or less than respectful way, such as with attempting to force a person to do something that they wanted them to do, it often not only didn’t bring them their desired outcome, but also seemed to magnify their problems, or, they ended up experiencing something even worse.

So does “white” magic, or magic that is used in a holistically-considered, respectful and honorable way, work for everyone, every time, in all cases?

White magic certainly CAN work, HAS worked, and DOES work in MANY cases. There are many reasons, many of which are addressed here in this FAQ, as to why a spell may not always seem to produce the desired results in some cases. However, if you approach magick, creative potential, the gift of creativity, the blessing of creative energy, with respect and nobility, then your chances and likelihood of success are considerably, significantly increased that you will receive your desired outcome, than if you try to approach magick with an absence of respect. Which in many cases has often caused people to experience the opposite of what they desired, or worse, when they’ve approached magick without genuine respect and a noble heart.

Just as with many things in life, you tend to have a better chance and likelihood for success in an endeavor, when you are expressing and approaching things from a place of respect, and the energy of your intention vibrates honor. There is true beauty, value and blessed creative power within a virtuous heart.

Often people tend to experience better success with spells, especially with love spells, but including many other types of spells as well, that are based from an energy that is loving, welcoming and inviting, rather than spells that emanate a pushy or forceful kind of energy or intention. Energy of a loving nature, that is warm, welcoming, and inviting, but not pursuant in its nature, is of the kind of energy that tends to more effectively “ATTRACT TO” oneself, what (or who,) is desired.

Is it still possible for a spell to work when the other person lives in another city/state/country? TOP

It is still possible for a spell to work for you, regardless of any physical distance that may exist between you and the other person. With magick and spells, we are working from an energetic level that is not bound by time or space. Regardless of any physical distance, on a spiritual level we are all interconnected, and higher communication can still take place from these deeper spiritual levels.

May I speak with you on the phone or via online chat? Is there a number I can call? TOP

Although a great deal of energy and effort has been put into, we are not a large business with a wide range of employees. We do however, offer email support for questions that have not already been answered here on the website, and to provide you with information for offline ordering methods, if needed. Inquires are answered in the order in which they are received.

Text Message Consultations are available for purchase via our website. Text Message Sessions may also be booked for the purpose of spell work support questions, if you would like to speak via Text Message regarding your case.

Do you offer a money back guarantee? TOP

If you are already wondering about a money back guarantee then you are already starting your magickal endeavor off on the wrong foot since the very question is preceded by a fear-based thought that you are not going to achieve your goals!

In order to be truly open to receiving that which you desire, it is important to begin your journey with an open heart and an open mind. If you are preoccupied with the fear that your heart’s desire may not happen, that a spell might not work, then you will ultimately risk blocking yourself from receiving what you desire. If this is how you are choosing to use your own personal power (to work against yourself) then you are closing yourself off not only from being open to receiving your desire, but also from being able to receive outside help.

If you have already embarked upon your journey of spell work, don’t get discouraged and don’t give up! True magic can take ample time and dedication. While desired results certainly can (and do!) happen very quickly for many of our clients, it is still important to allow your spell work ample time to solidify into your reality. The amount of time it will take you to achieve your goal is largely determined by your level of receptivity to receiving it. To be truly open, does not mean simply wanting something -no matter how much you may want it- and even wanting something fervently, does not necessarily mean that you are open or receptive to receiving it!

If you are constantly in a state of worry, fearing that a spell won’t work or that you might not receive the outcome that you desire, then this can be the exact opposite of being open and receptive to allowing your spell a true chance to work for you. Being truly open means giving the spell a fair chance to work, regardless of the amount of time it may take to see your desired results. Sometimes it is necessary for certain circumstances or events to first take place, for pieces of the puzzle to fall into place first, in order to create a solid foundation for your desired outcome to be built upon. Even if those circumstances may not always seem to make perfect sense to us, or may even in some cases, appear to be the exact opposite of what you desire.

For example, say your desire is to have specific person return to you. Say that, as is, at this moment, the person does not wish to return to you. They have their reasons for desiring not to be in a relationship with you and they are holding tightly to those reasons. Since we are working on an energetic level, this spiritual energy must go through a process of becoming materialized. These are the core mechanics of how real magick works–By materializing energy into something you can see evidence of in a practical way in your physical world.

Consider the seed of a flower just planted. A flower needs time to grow before it can flourish! You cannot plant a flower and expect it to grow immediately. You cannot plant a flower and expect immediate results. It does not work that way. The growth of the flower is dependent upon many stages. The same concept applies to true magick. Just as it would be impractical to think that planting a seed will produce immediate results, it is also impractical to think that a spell is going to immediately manifest. Granted sometimes desired results certainly *DO* happen very quickly, but this also depends upon your exact situation, and your level of receptivity, as to when or how quickly you will experience your desired results. The energy of your spell needs time to manifest, time to solidify, time to *set in* and blend into balance in the physical, material world.

This is what is meant by the energy needing time to manifest in a “practical” way. Just as with baking a cake, the cake takes time to bake. It doesn’t immediately bake the moment you put it in the oven. It takes time to bake, to become solid. The energy of a spell must also be given the time it needs to become solid, to solidify in a physical way that you can see evidence of.

Many of our clients DO experience incredibly fast results when enlisting the assistance of our spells, but it is also important to remember that your spell work deserves ample time to solidify into your physical reality.

Our spell-casting fees also help to cover the cost of our services, as well as the many multiple expenses necessary that all make this website possible.

And do also deeply consider, that for those who offer spell-casting services, MOST that are genuine, sincere, and REAL, would not offer a money back guarantee. It might make sense to consider along the lines that if someone offering spell-casting services were genuine, that they would be happy to offer a money back guarantee. However, most who do offer genuine spell-casting services would not offer a money back guarantee due to the fact that they ARE REAL, due to the fact that they are pouring so much of themselves into offering you a quality service.

There are many websites on the internet that do claim to offer a money back guarantee, and not just spell websites either. Many websites offer a money back guarantee for the sole purpose of influencing the customer, (or potential customer–YOU) to feel more comfortable with buying their products/services, only to either NOT keep their word regarding the money back guarantee, or, would have some hidden stipulation as part of their “said” guarantee, that you were not made aware of (or intentionally kept unaware of,) before, and at the time of your purchase. So in a lot of cases, “said” money back guarantees are often not completely honest or legitimate, but many people may not discover that until they have already made a purchase.

Many people have shared stories involving aspects such as the “said” money back guarantees, or otherwise “said” guarantees, from other websites they had once purchased from, that caused them to feel a sense of there being a “safety-net” or no-risk situation in regard to their purchase, only to find out a “said” guarantee was not honest and legitimate, that there had been some form of strings attached, or hidden “fine print” (or even “no-print” in many cases because it had been completely concealed from them before, and at the time of their purchase,) and some, unfortunately, have shared stories of even further unfortunate experiences. So, in other words, a lot of “said” money back guarantees are not always honest. That is not at all to say that this would be the case in ALL cases where someone offered a money back guarantee, but unfortunately, it has been common.

In addition, you deserve to be paid, and to receive fair compensation for the work that you do. It wouldn’t be just for your boss to decide to want his money back after you put in a great deal of time and effort on a job. Since we cannot receive a refund or any reimbursement for the spell supplies that are used during a spell-casting, and since our time and energy cannot be refunded to us, we do not offer a money back guarantee. And you can also take this as a further testament to our authenticity, because we care enough about you and in helping you achieve your magickal goals, that we do put so much time, work, effort, and GREAT CARE, into the work that we do on your behalf, and on behalf of your heart’s desires to become actualized for you.

If you approach magic with an open-mind and an open-heart and you give your spell work a fair chance to work, then your magickal journey can tend to go very easily and gracefully for you. We are here to assist you, but we cannot do YOUR PART for you. We cannot go inside of your mind and think your thoughts for you, or focus your consistent attention upon what you desire, with an openness for allowing its manifestation. Only you can control your own focus and the thoughts within your own mind, and this is truly, a wonderful blessing, and source of personal power for you. How you utilize your own energy, how you utilize your own personal power, can mean the difference between struggle, and *VERY EASILY* receiving the materialization of your desires with great ease and grace.

What about the law of 3 x 3? If I cast a love spell, will it return to me three-fold? TOP

Anything and everything that exists in the Universe is made of energy, which is ultimately interconnected within the infinite, eternal fabric that is the ONE singularity of the entire Universe, and all Universes. We are fortunate in many ways to be living in a time where the science of quantum physics has made, (and has been allowed more freedom to share more publicly,) many discoveries about the nature of the Universe and its innerworkings, that many ancient spiritual teachers and cultures have known for centuries.

Everything in the Universe is made of energy, and everything vibrates at its own frequency–Including YOU. So the nature of your energetic vibration–the energy you vibrate (impacted by your thoughts, feelings and emotions,) holds a powerful influence over what you may tend to attract and draw back to yourself.

This is not to say that the energy would necessarily return “three-fold.” However, the energetic vibrations that one sends forth, carry an “echoing” effect, or a “mirroring” effect. The mirrored energy that one has sent forth, may not always show up in an obvious way. It may sometimes show up in a way where one can see the connections, although sometimes the mirrored energy can show up in what may seem like a completely unrelated area of life, so the person may not be able to readily, or consciously, make that connection between their energetic vibrations/contributions, and then certain events that may later show up in their lives, be that in a positive (or “desirable”) way, or in a negative (or “undesirable”) way.

In terms of concepts such as the law of 3×3, while the energy that you send forth will circle back to you-its source, it may not necessarily return to you by some exact measure of “3×3”. Although through an understanding of the universal law of increase, it can be considered that what is sent forth, will circle back to its original source magnified, and multiplied. 

This is great news for you when you decide to send forth positive energy on behalf of your desire!

In regard to love spells, whether your love spell involves a specific desired person, or not, if your approach and intention, including the thought-energy and emotional-energy that you are contributing to your spell work and situation, are imbued with an energy of love, honor and respect, then ultimately your honorable energetic vibrations are contributing to securing the foundation for you to receive more of the same in return–An energy of love, honor and respect. So isn’t this what you would WANT to be mirrored, and circled back to you?

What a great blessing it is to know that the good energy you share, express, and send forth, will return to you, circling back to its original source-You.

I saw other websites with a similar name as yours, that also offer spiritual services, are you connected with those websites? TOP is not associated with any other websites that may happen to have a similar name as ours. Additionally, we have been helping people online since early 2002, and we care about helping you with your unique situation as well 🙂

I am a Christian, or my religion does not allow for the acceptance of ideas pertaining to, “casting spells.” If I cast a spell, will I go to hell? TOP

It can be helpful to first understand, that there is only One Source of All Life, and that source is powered by immense Unconditional Love and all-inclusive acceptance. No matter what structure, dogma, or group of religious beliefs are clustered around it, or “said” access to this One Source of All Life, which many call “God,” that others may reference as, “Goddess,” that some may reference as, “Source” or “God Source,” and that many others may reference by an entirely different “name,” the truth of its essence remains the same: The Higher Power is immense Unconditional Love, and it is filled with an infinitely loving, healing and creative power.

It can also be helpful to understand that the Bible, was largely written in METAPHOR, and was not written with intention as to imply LITERALISM. Much of the Bible is metaphorical, it is not literal. Such as the mentioning of, “hell” in the Bible… The word, “Gehenna,” was later “translated” to the word, “hell,” in the Bible. Gehenna was a city in Jerusalem where the city burned their trash. The word “hell,” was a metaphor for self-destructive, self-sabotaging, and self-punitive behaviors and attitudes, and the kind of mental and emotional states which can be experienced as a result, such as regret and shame, or any feeling-experience whereby you may feel separate from the One Source of All Life which is your origin; God, God Source, Divine Love, which you are already naturally, infinitely, and eternally connected with in your core.

It can be helpful to understand that the Bible is filled with metaphor, and while there can be spiritual wisdom found therein, the Bible consists of many different authors, and also reflects much of the destructive and limited political and societal ideals and rules of those eras in which different parts of the Bible had been written. The Bible has been edited and revised throughout the centuries where church officials deemed what was to be both included and omitted from its texts. Many revisions and interpretations, including many misinterpretations, have taken place in regard to the Bible and its texts. So it can be helpful to understand the difference between what is literal and what is metaphorical, and that even in the Bible there are texts which are simply none other than reflections of the political and societal regulations of those eras.

Ultimately, the highest truth is, that The One Source of All Life (i.e., “God,” “Source,” “The Higher Power,”) is Love — Omnipresent, Infinite, Eternal Love, and this loving, healing power can be accessed in its purity, through your own mind and heart, without any need for dogma or indoctrination of any kind.

Since God/Goddess/Source/The Higher Power is omnipresent, this also means that the goodness, the love, the abundance and the healing power therein, is also omnipresent. “Magick” and spell-casting, is one approach to conscious creation, prayer, and use of creative potential. Allowing the natural blessing creative energy of the One Source of All Life to help and assist you, does not require you to “convert” to anything or to change your religion, or even your religious beliefs. In itself, magick and spell-casting is simply one benevolent approach of honoring the creative power that flowered you to life, and allowing it to help and assist you in your life situations, and with the conscious creation of your desires as well.

I heard that people who cast spells worship the devil. Is this true? TOP

In recognizing that the One Source of All Life and its infinite love therein, is omnipresent, then you realize that the concept of, “the devil,” is just that… A concept. The evil acts that exist in the world stem from ignorance and lack of awareness of spiritual truth: That the love of the Higher Power is the ultimate truth, the ultimate reality, and that all existence exists WITHIN the very BEING of God, or in other words, all existence existing within the very Source of All Life. There may be some who turn away from this truth, and in some cases, may resort to evil acts. However, ultimately, at the highest spiritual level, omnipresent love exists everywhere, within all existence, whether one chooses to look at it, perceive it, and accept it, or not.

What happens to the carnal, when the carnal recognizes itself as “spiritual”?

It is transformed into a new awareness of itself as the spiritual.

What happens when the hate, or other negative emotions you may feel, are recognized as your own Love for yourself there trying to protect you?

That hate can be transformed into Love.

There’s the phrase that whenever you turn a light on in a dark room, the dark disappears. The dark didn’t leave and go somewhere else… It ceased to exist in response to the light of truth.

So in other words, people who participate in the casting of spells, who follow a spiritual and magickal path that honors Life, Nature, and the Loving Source of All Life, be they Wiccan, or otherwise, do not believe in or entertain any concept or idea regarding, “the devil,” as being true, and do not believe in or entertain any ideas of a supreme evil in the Universe, because on some level, in some variation or another, they recognize that the Higher Power is of goodness and love, omnipresent in its nature, and that it is ignorance of this higher spiritual truth that can lead to negative energy and evil.

God/Goddess/Source/God Source/The Higher Power, is that LIGHT that makes a dark room aglow, and that light, is Love.

Why is it so important to keep my spell work and magickal endeavors private? TOP

The words “sacred” and “secret” have the same root meaning.

Whenever you embark upon a creative endeavor, magickally or otherwise, your endeavors tend to hold a greater level of strength than if you DISPERSE, or leak out, the energy of your desire, plan, or intention, by TALKING about it with others in general.

Any consciously creative endeavor that you embark upon, is more likely to be met with success whenever you honor your desires and intentions within the private space of your own emotionally-intimate relationship with God/The Higher Power within you.

All good that is created within your life is a result of your own positive use of the creative power that is within you, and that creative power within you, is a manifestation of The Creative Power… God/The Higher Power, that indwells within you. Whenever you set forth consciously, within intention, to consciously create a particular outcome, you are thereby activating a spark of connection between you and God/The Higher Power, which is the Creator of all good, and the Source of all good.

Some may experience this as simply believing in themselves and feeling inspiration as a result. But what is inspiration? Inspiration is feeling the Spirit of Goodness (the spirit of God/Source) soaring within, inside of, and through your own spirit. It is a feeling of supreme Oneness with God/Source, with the Spirit of Goodness and Its infinite creativity… pure life energy.

So whether it is a matter of setting forth with a magickal endeavor, or otherwise consciously creative endeavor that may or may not acknowledge God/The Higher Power as the Source of all good, there is power and strength in allowing the good energy of your desire to build, and to grow, within the sacred sanctuary within you, whether you are consciously with awareness acknowledging this inner-incubation space as sacred or not.

There are many good reasons to keep your magickal endeavors in particular, private.

One being, the aforementioned.

Further, God/The Higher Power, which is the Source of All Good, indwells within you. Your desires, plans and intentions involve use of the creative power that is available within you to tap into, and use of this creative power within you, directly involves YOUR PERSONAL connection and relationship with The Higher Power. Spellwork, just as any other form of prayer, is deeply personal. Your PRAYERS, and your SPELLWORK, are private, and SHOULD BE, since this is a matter of your personal relationship with The Higher Power.

You are thereby giving your desires an inner sanctuary to grow to life from within you, without outside interference. As does the child first grow within the womb, within her own private personal space, as does the seed of a plant first begin its growth within its own private personal space within the soil, so does your desire need the same proper place and space for its cultivation and growth, where its safety is assured, and that is within the inner sanctuary within you that your relationship with God/The Higher Power/The Source of All Good, beholds.

Shield your desires and their sacred seeds from naysayers and other unwanted influences, within the loving care of your personal inner sanctuary where the Goodness and Omnipotent Power of God/The Higher Power/The Loving Source of All Life, reigns supreme.

There can be naysayers, even those unfortunate naysayers that really want to believe that their intended sabotage of your dreams and desires is somehow “protecting you” or “saving you” from disappointment, due to THEIR lack of faith and belief in what is possible for you. But you don’t have to allow THEIR lack of faith and belief in what is possible for you, to be YOUR lack of faith and belief in what is possible for you.

YOU GET TO CHOOSE for yourself, the good, and how much of it, can be possible for you!

There can be naysayers whether your conscious desires and intentions involve an approach of prayer or spellwork, or not. By keeping your heart’s desires and intentions, private, held secret/sacred within the SACRED heart-space within you, you are better protecting the seeds of your desires, and their growth, as well as the longevity of their success. Thus as a result, you are better assuring your desired success. This is how resourceful patterns for your ongoing desired success take root like the mighty oak tree.

Privacy and healthy solitude can open the space for what is needed to flow to you, including providing the inner spaciousness for your desires to bloom forth into their fruition.

Mind and tend to your seeds with great loving care, and allow a sacred inner space of Wholeness for their growth. Allow those roots of inner spaciousness to grow into a firmness of inner strength within you, creating a solid base for your desire’s fruition and successful expression.

Creative manifesting power flows through the opening of grounded spaciousness.

I want to cast a love spell, but I feel guilty. What should I do? TOP

Any fear or guilt that you may feel for casting, or wanting to cast a spell, or a love spell, stems from a lack of genuine understanding about what spells and love spells really are, and what they are really all about.

The deeper your understanding of what spells, and love spells, really truly are, the more you find that any guilt you might have initially felt, begins lessening and clearing up for you. This is because feeling guilty at the idea of casting a spell (or especially a love spell) is really a reflection of believing that it might be “wrong” to do so, and this fear that it might be wrong, this misconception, is what is creating the feelings of guilt.

However, as your understanding of what white magic, spells, and love spells, are really all about, begins to deepen and expand, the fear and guilt disappear for you as you come to the realization that spells and love spells are not “wrong” in and of themselves, and that YOU aren’t doing anything “wrong” by casting a spell or love spell.

Just because some may choose to misuse or abuse something for evil or unkind purposes, does not necessarily make the thing itself “bad” or “evil” or “wrong”, etc., etc. For example, you could use water to nourish yourself, to heal, bless, hydrate, renew, and replenish yourself, or you could choose to use water to drown yourself if you wish, but if you chose to misuse water for the purpose of harm, then it would not be a matter about the water itself, the real issue would be your intentions; to use water for good, positive, benevolent purposes, or to use it for harm. We could even say that water is obviously innately GOOD, because of its healing, blessing, sustaining, and life-giving properties… But just because someone might misuse water for a wrongful purpose such as to drown someone, doesn’t mean that somehow the water was “evil” because it was misused to cause harm rather than used for the good it was intended for.

The same goes with the essence of magic, spells, and any other form of prayer—In itself, it is an abundant GIFT, that is a very NATURAL gift, that is a normal, natural part of life already, whether you are conscious and aware of it or not, that has been shared with us by Life, to connect with Life, and with the One Loving Source of All Life, to enjoy this spiritual unity that we share with the Higher Divine Goodness of Life, as well as to express ourselves in our lives in the way that our deepest self-expression calls for.

It is wise to clear your mind of any preconceived notions about what the words, “magic” or “spells” mean, and to approach it from clear-mindedness, to allow yourself to have an open mind and an open heart so that you can understand what it really is, for yourself, rather than just based upon the ideas of others that have been passed along to you.

Whenever you remove all of the unnecessary misconception, superstition, stereotypes, and any “weirdo” assumptions about magic and spells from around these words in your own mind, then you can see these topics more clearly, for what they actually are in their purity.

Here, we can define “magic”, as your innate spiritual connection with the Higher Power/The One Loving Source of All Life, that also has the creative power to create miracles in your life and bring you the desires of your heart.

Then we can define “spells”, as PRAYERS that acknowledge your inherent spiritual connection with the One Loving Source of All Life (whatever “name” you wish to call it, for in truth, in its purest essence, it is a NAMELESS PRESENCE of Ultimate Higher Love and Supreme Goodness,) so then your “spell” is really a prayer that acknowledges your Oneness with the One Loving Source of All Life and its creative Divine Love that has the ability to bring you the desires of your heart.

In short, the essence of magic and spells, in its purity, is really about connecting your awareness with the understanding that there is a Loving Source of All Life that is based purely in Higher Love and Goodness, that you are already innately NATURALLY connected with the presence of this Higher Love just by existing, and thereby expressing your heart’s desires for what you wish to experience in your life, in LIGHT of, and with understanding of this awareness of your innate spiritual connection with the One omnipresent Higher Love Source in Life that has the power to help you.

With that said, the foundational principal of casting a love spell is just the same as it would be in casting a money spell, a good luck spell, a happiness spell, or any other type of spell for any other positive purpose. This is speaking of white magic spells, whether the process is defined as “white magic spells” or simply benevolent spells, or other forms of positive prayer that aren’t given a label or title for the “process” involved. As the underlying principals are still the same in their goodness and purity, it involves the same “universal principals” at work in any form of positive-intentioned prayer, regardless of the religion or spiritual path in itself.

It is the exact same creative universal principals at work that answer ANY prayer, of any person, of any culture, of any religion (or lack of religion), or of any spiritual path, and this being that true FAITH and BELIEF are what Life responds to that has answered any prayer, regardless of the format, approach, or structure of the prayer, and regardless of the “religious format” in which the prayer may have (or may not have) been expressed.

Regardless of the religion or spiritual path, Life responds with answered prayers just the same when it involves the right measure of Faith and Belief, whether the person follows any particular religion, or happens to be non-religious and have no religious affiliation.

There are many positive things that can be said about love spells, and in describing love spells and what they truly are, which you can read more about within our other FAQ questions and answers, but in essence, there is no reason to feel guilty for casting a spell, or for casting a love spell either, and by taking the time to properly inform and educate yourself of the true benevolence involved here, and the good energy that you are really working with, and you understand this in its positive purity, regardless and independently of what others may say or think in their misinformed ideas that are based from a lack of genuine understanding on magic and spells, then you will be free in your own perceptions, you will feel no guilt about magic, spells, or love spells, because you realize there is no “wrong” here to feel guilty ABOUT, precisely because you have a higher awareness of the topic matter than many others do. Thus, you are free of misconception, unnecessary superstitions, and the popular false and inaccurate ideas about what magic and spells really are, since you will have an actual AUTHENTIC, genuine, accurate and real understanding of the good energy inherent within magic, and available to you to work with, to help yourself, and to help others as well.

With that said as well, just as water can be used to nourish and give life, or someone could use the very same water with intent to cause harm, it is also true that magic or CREATIVE INTENT, is also inherently good, just as water is, each are both benevolent in its true nature, even if some may choose to wish to misuse it for harm. One key point here is emphasis upon how although some may “misuse” magic or creative intent, that magic and creative intent are still INHERENTLY GOOD. We could say that they are both “neutral”, which could also be true in one way of looking at it, but in another way of looking at it, these both hold inherent goodness in their own right.

You can rest assured that any spell you have cast for you by us, or that you set out to cast for yourself with pureness of heart, that you truly have nothing to feel guilty about. And in the case of love spells, LOVE is the absolute best and highest energy that you could think a thought, feel a feeling, or have an intention for involving another person! As pure Love is the highest energy of all.

Although some may misuse magic, spells, love spells, or creative intent, to cause harm or purposely manipulate, this is not true of magic, spells or love spells in themselves, and it is not true of our work, as our magickal work is pure, and based purely in Divine Love. We cannot speak on account of what is involved in the spells or love spells of others, we can only speak for ourselves when it comes to our own spells and love spells, and offer you the honest information and deeper insight that spells and love spells are not automatically or inherently “bad” or “wrong”, that the concept, and action itself, is not bad or wrong, that it is a matter of the “intention” involved that makes it what we would reference or define as being “good” or “bad.”

And by the way, any type of love spell that would entail trying to force a person to love you, shouldn’t really be defined as a “love spell”, because it is not an authentic love spell, and here’s why… Because there is no energy of honest love in that type of spell.

There is a difference between that type of said “love spell”, and then a true, authentic, honest-to-goodness love spell, a truly benevolent type of love spell that would intend to INSPIRE and ENCOURAGE, to lovingly INVITE someone to love you. There is a vast difference between trying to “make” someone love you, and then inspiring and encouraging their love for you, inviting their love in…

Just the same as popular conventional antics to try to “make” someone love you generally don’t work in common everyday scenarios, the same is often true when it comes to love magic and spells relating to love. In both common everyday scenarios, and when it comes to love magic and authentic love spells, there must always be the element of RESPECT in order for a loving relationship to happen, and to flourish. So just the same, this honest respect must also be present in your love magic as well, for a fair chance of receiving the best kind of results.

And by expressing your love for someone in a spell (or in a prayer), this by no means equates with “trying to force” them to love you! There is a vast difference. And a vast difference to be honored, and appreciated, that you are free to express your love, to picture and use your words to speak for yourself what you desire for yourself, even involving another person, while simultaneously respecting that person’s free will to respond to your love, or to not. You are doing no wrong picturing or imagining someone responding to you or treating you in the way that you desire, and in fact, you probably already do this all the time in your daydreams!

And further, in almost all cases, if you express your love in purity in your spellwork, in your prayer-work, and in your spell intentions, and genuinely allow yourself to be open to receive the desired love, then more times than not, you tend to see your own love you’ve expressed forth regarding that person, mirrored back to you, in their attitudes and actions relating to you, as THEIR love. In other words, love begetting love. You express your love in a respectful way, magickally or otherwise, and then the other person can more easily, and is more likely to, respond to your love with their love.

The more you clear your mind about preconceived notions of magic, spells, love spells, and so forth, and truly allow yourself to see it clearly, and purely, for what it is in its true innate goodness, you realize there is no need for feeling guilty. By understanding that you aren’t doing anything wrong, you free yourself of those kinds of misconceptions that caused you to feel the guilt to begin with. Clear up the misconceptions about magic and spells, and you clear up the guilty feelings as well.

And in having this new authentic understanding in your heart about what magic and spells really are, you get to know for yourself firsthand that you have nothing to feel guilty about since you know that your use of magic, love spells, and any other type of spell for other positive purposes as well, are all based from a loving, honest, and benevolent use of magic and spells, because that is what you’ve chosen.

Does it matter if I’m gay? Do you offer gay love spells? TOP

God, The Universe, The Higher Power—whatever you wish to call it—The One Loving Source of All Life, LOVES YOU, and ACCEPTS YOU, exactly as you are.

In fact, in spiritual truth, you are already made perfect in the perfect image of this Higher Love, the highest love possible, and this Higher Love of God/Life created you just as you are.

God/The Universe does NOT discriminate, and loves you unconditionally, now and forever eternally—without condition. That is what being loved unconditionally means…

Just because of the fact that you EXIST, you hold the same creative potential, and RIGHT, within you, to create and accept good into your life in the ways that your heart feels drawn to—gay, straight, bi, no matter your sexual preference, or religious or spiritual beliefs, culture, heritage, color, or anything else for that matter.

Love, is what the essence of “God” is—which is an ALL-INCLUSIVE LOVE—and accepts you just as you are, gay or straight, and anything less than this unconditional love, is not “God.”

So whether you are gay or straight, etc., it matters not—it does not matter, because you are accepted and equal in the eyes of the Higher Power, which is always LOVE.

So in other words, yes, we are willing to cast love spells just the same for you whether you are straight, gay, lesbian, bi, transgendered, etc.

Is this website honest? I read scam claims, are they true? Are you legitimate? TOP

In a word, Yes, we are honest, we are legitimate, and we sincerely want to help you reach your positive goals and heart’s desires. Those who truly desire to help you, feel a great sense of success as though it were their own success, in helping YOU reach YOUR success.

But it is wise to follow your heart and intuition also, because it isn’t always wise to simply take someone else’s word for it. If you come across a website offering psychic or magickal services, whether they do, or do not, have your best interests at heart with a SINCERE desire to help you, then you will know, you will FEEL it, *IF*, you are listening to your intuition. While it is true that sometimes fear could place a layer over top of your intuitive guidance that may be signaling you that a particular website truly is honest and sincerely wants to help you, if you are able to clear your mind by grounding your thoughts, and then *listen* to your body’s inner wisdom, then you will feel truth and honesty where it is.

Did you know that there are companies on the internet that offer fake “review” services? Companies that you can pay to write both false positive reviews about your services, as well as fake negative reviews about your competitors? How uncool is that?

There you are, doing your best to be responsible and informed, to look out for yourself and protect yourself in the way that you should from the real scams out there, and you have tons of fake positive spell caster reviews—and also—tons of fake negative spell caster reviews, none of which are true, to sort through. How are you to even know which ones are the real reviews, and which ones are the fake reviews, whenever the potential benefit of word-of-mouth and popular opinion have become so exploited and falsified?

It can be helpful for you to know, that the large majority of “spell-caster reviews” websites on the internet, and some forums for that purpose, are operated (and written) by those who consider themselves to be competitor spell sites of other spell sites, and sometimes influenced by certain SEO company practices, and are not even made by real clients of those websites being said to be “reviewed.” These types of “review” websites are often more of an advertising venture (i.e., claiming certain websites are “scams” while saying, “but check out these guys, they are the real deal”, etc.)

Also consider how many of these websites that state their intentions as offering these “reviews” to help protect people, also have ads showing up on those very same pages that are based upon keywords on that page, and they get paid when those ads are clicked. For example, you might see a webpage with a complaint posted about a particular website, and then many times you might see an ad for a similar website, (or even for that very same website that is said to have a complaint about it,) right along side of it. When those ads are clicked, the “reviews” website owners receive revenue for those clicks, they get paid for your clicks.

This is not to say that all sites or forums that claim to offer spell-caster reviews have “other” motives for the operation of their websites, but unfortunately it does seem to be the case in many cases, and that’s also not to say that all magickal or psychic websites on the internet are honest and sincere, so it really is best that you listen to your intuition, as this is your best protector, and it will guide you to the genuine spiritual workers that you feel drawn to assist you.

And with that said, not everyone is easily pleased, even whenever you go above and beyond, such as the only case I have ever seen of a post from someone that I did recognize as having been an actual real client of our website, I believe it had been a matter of misunderstanding, where the client didn’t allow ample time to receive their reading, so then assumed that they weren’t ever going to and that the spell services they’d ordered must be a scam, thus posted their comments before their reading had ample time to be delivered.

It can be a good idea to keep in mind that it is always good to listen to your own heart and intuition when seeking out and reading about spiritual workers.

It is a top goal for us that you feel happy and deeply blessed as a result of your experience with our website. We want you to be happy, and we want you to feel welcome to share your experiences with us, and contact us with any questions, concerns, or otherwise that you’d like to share – before, during, or after your spell work is completed.