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Authenticity – Your Greatest Power In Conscious Creation

Authenticity is the fertile ground from which our deepest heart’s desires grow into reality.

Authenticity is your greatest power in conscious creation, your Authenticity, is the ground of your Being. It is your personal connection with the Divine within you, with the Source of All Life, with the pure power of Creation itself. It is the fertile field of infinite possibilities, pure potentiality, and it is this moment.

When you honor the Authenticity within you, the beautiful Being that you truly are, you are opening a fertile space for the growth of your heart’s desires into your experience of reality.

Openness, unconditional acceptance, and expansive, exuberant joy of Being, are a natural occurrence when you take a path of Self-Honor. Self-honor is a state of Authenticity where you are making a decision to cherish your feelings, and the inherent wisdom of your inner body.

Inner body awareness is a state of Being where holistic inner balance can be experienced. It is the meeting point of the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine within you, an inner unity, a Divine partnership between your mind and heart, between your ego-level Self and your true Spiritual Being. It is an inner marriage within you, that bridges the gap of fragmentation. Being present with yourself, and with your deepest feelings in the moment, begins to bridge the gap between where you are, and where you desire to be.

When you take a path of Self-Honor and respond to your own inner mechanisms with the Wholeness of Authenticity, you are not only connecting with the power of Creation, you begin experiencing yourself AS the power of Creation. There is nothing more exhilarating,  enlivening and satisfying, than expressing yourself from the totality of your full Authenticity. And there is nothing more powerfully attractive and magnetic in the Universe, than an Authentic, receptive heart, who beholds Compassionate Self-Honor as the center-point of relationship to Self.

In any consciously creative endeavor,  it is your complete Authenticity that is the foundation of your success. You can focus on creating what you desire, but it is when you meet those desires with complete, all-encompassing, securely-grounding Authenticity, that your desires become energized with the magnetic, receptive power of the Heart, the greatest attracting force in the Universe- The seat of Divine Love.

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