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Anonymous of United States
I want to say that Mi'chell has become a dear advisor to me. She has equipped me with wisdom, knowledge and faith and has truly gone above and beyond in supporting me and guiding me in her empathic readings.  I just want to say how much I appreciate her and her loving help with my situation. She really is the most loving and kind person, really cares about my peace and happiness and that of my partner. I love you Mi'chell.

N.A. of NYC   
I can't say enough positive things about Mi'chell. Her wisdom is divine and I have never gotten a reading from her that was not true to the feelings in a situation. Her work is not only miraculous, it helps me evolve spiritually as a human being and as a woman. This woman has brought me closer to God/Spirit or whatever you want to call "it" and I am so grateful and feel so blessed to have found her. Bless you my dear!!

The power of the work you do is unbelievable. My relationship is turning around and I know it is because you are pouring positive energy into it. I am seeing results, and I am a true believer. You have never failed me and have given me faith in higher power and have been very generous with your spiritual counsel. Thank you for everything.
I feel that a simple testimony is simply not enough when wanting to show my gratitude for the services I was blessed to receive through this site. I fell in love with a friend of mine, and knew that he was not able emotionally to commit to anything more. It was a real long shot, but I never gave up. I found DLL through a dear friend, and the blessings continue to come. My friend and I are closer then ever, and our bond is so strong. He now takes the lead, and is so kind and generous. Both of our lives have changed for the better, and it all happened almost simultaneously with the start of the premium spell. Do not hesitate to purchase the services offered here...I am here to tell you that it does work! It takes two though, and YOU must do your part as well by staying positive and KNOWING that your results will manifest. The guidance you get here is second to none. Sign on and enjoy the journey!
Tracy S.     
I've used Divine Love Light's spells and readings and never once have I been let down. Mi'chell is helpful, caring and kind, and her spells, unlike some sites, actually work! I've seen huge changes in my marriage since asking for spells to be done on my relationship, and I don't think my husband and I would still be together if it weren't for Mi'chell and her spellwork. She is honest and talented and it is a great joy to me to know that she and Divine Love Light are here when I need help in my life. Thanks so much for all your help!
My boyfriend was VERY upset with me & had told me he would not be around for a few days nor be calling, I had an enhance relationship spell cast, and that VERY morning at 2:30 am, he was knocking at my door, unbelievable. Also a few days ago I had a custom spell cast and ask for him to appreciate me more and not take me for granted. I had NOT had a conversation with him concerning this issue, 1 day later he comes to my house and the first thing he says is Thank you, and I said for what, and he said EVERYTHING, and I had not mentioned to him he was taking me for granted. I am a LIFETIME customer!!!!+++++
Kathy L.     
I was anxious and worried about completing my thesis for a degree I was earning. The work put it over the top! It was received and accepted! Thank you. Kathy L. ~ St. Criox, USVI
Just have to say that he has called me almost every night since going back to {location edited}. I never expected that, and I know it has to be a result of your spell work. Thank you! T.S.
I wish to add a testimonial to the accuracy of all the readings I have had from Mi'chell. She has an absolutely uncanny ability to be able to tune in to any given situation and give all the background information and spiritual counseling necessary to enable the client to move forward. Her in depth knowledge of how people are is second to none. She is thorough and caring in her approach and she is always happy to follow up with clarification on the reading if needed. I will certainly have her read for me on all my major life decisions for as long as she wants to. Mi'chell is a thoroughly honest, talented and caring psychic. I recommend her unreservedly.
I have had quite a few readings in my life, but never with this much detail and information, I only asked 3 questions and gave no information. I am beyond impressed with the accuracy of the reading. the situation summed up in such detail, and she sent me a long mail, clearly they took their time to give the best reading no short cuts there I can only recommend you try for yourself. T.S., CA
Wow! It's amazing, my job is all the sudden falling into place perfectly. You are good! This website is truly amazing... thanks Michell. K.
Tracy S.     
My psychic reading was great! She was so tuned into me and my situation and I felt that what she said was right on the money. There is a level of intuitiveness with her that I've never felt with anyone else and I would recommend getting a reading to anyone who needs that extra boost of self-confidence in dealing with their life situations. Tracy S.
She is so awesome! I had my fourth reading from her in the past 3-4 months already. Her readings are the BEST I've ever had. She is my preferred psychic, and will be back for many more readings in the future. God Bless You!! Rebecca
I just had the most amazing reading! Thank you so much. It was so accurate and insightful. And the answers to my questions were very detailed and not just short general answers. Thanks again!! You are amazing! C.J.
Hi, Just wanted to drop you a line to let you know how things are progressing...and progressing they are! {Name edited} managed to work everything out on her house sale so that she can move forward with me...and all parties are happy! A new prospect happened to catch me just as I was leaving Saturday night and we signed a contract yesterday! Very successful couple of days I'd say...thanks so much for your help...
I am very happy with the services offered by DivineLoveLight. Its more than just a service. They go the extra mile to answer whatever questions I have. My questions are always answered with much details and care. And my reading with Shining Joy was a wonderful experience. She really cares and indeed very intuitive. I felt as if she has known me for ages when she described part of my character. DivineLoveLight is definitely a place that I will come back to whenever I need help.
Divine Love Light is powerful. I could feel the power of the energy moving even before the spells were cast...things are opening and shifting already, and I have peace and faith that everything will come to pass for the Highest Good of All. The love and power this good woman makes manifest is awesome...bless her and trust her!
So far I have had three spells cast and ALL have come true. I do believe in Mi'chell she is very sweet and understanding. I appreciate all she & anyone else that works with her has done for me in the past. Thanks!

You cast a Reunion Spell. You encouraged me to look for him. I delayed due to shyness and pride. Also I thought I was out of his mind, after loosing touch for 10 years. However, I called and met him in person. It proved all negative guesswork I had for him thus far was untrue. My voice and the way I spoke still sounded a little familiar to him. He said this once picked up my distant call. Perhaps some strange rapport feelings were back to him once again. These feelings made him very generous and excited with my visit. He wrote his hand phone number to me, asking for my house number and address. After saying goodbye to him, he shake my hand, we hugged each other for a while. I returned to him minutes later to have a photo taken. In front of camera, surrounded my neck was his strong arm. I could feel he was very warm to me. This is just a positive beginning of our reunion. My heartfelt thanks. You are great! O.S., Singapore

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